Tax Liens & Judgments May Fall off Credit

If you are one of millions of Americans with an inaccurate tax lien or civil judgment on your credit - your time may have finally come!  The 3 major credit reporting agencies (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion) improved their scoring models to help (according to the Wall Street Journal). Find out when negative info falls off credit 602.435.2149 What and When - Judgments & Tax Liens According to, starting July 1, 2017 the major credit reporting agencies are … [Read more...]

Lender Shows Different Score?

Ever applied for a home loan expecting one credit score and have your home loan officer tell you your score is different?  This happens frequently.  In fact, if you have pulled your credit on a site like prior to your mortgage lender, chances are very high your lender will generate a different credit score. What is a FICO score? FICO stands for "Fair Issac's Corporation" which is a company that holds over 130 patents for technology and leads the industry in data collection … [Read more...]

No Credit Required Home Loan

No, you did not just travel back to 2003 and the "anything goes" mortgage era.   There really is a home loan option for those who do not have a credit score.  If you think this sounds like the "have a pulse/get a loan" mortgage products from the wild wild west mortgage days of the early 2000's you are I get it.  It did to me too. Today, with regulations such as Dodd Frank and TRID in place mortgage lenders would seal their own fate if they offered reckless product like the "No Income No … [Read more...]

When Does This Fall Off my Credit?

Many consumers encounter tough times, forget to make payments or just do not know a payment is due.  The result?  A ding on credit.  The ding can be minor and it can be major.  Either way, things like late payments, collections, foreclosures and bankruptcies have a long-lasting impact on a consumers ability to use their credit.  Just how long you ask? How Long Does a Bankruptcy Stay on my Credit? This answer varies on the type of bankruptcy a consume files - Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.  A chapter … [Read more...]

Timely Payments Critical to Good Credit

There are several components to good credit.  Not surprising is the fact that making on time payments and late payments are among the most important components.  However, many that are tussling and toiling with a less than great credit rating overlook just how important on time payments are and how they mathematically factor into their credit scores. How Much do Late Payments Matter? Considering that payment history makes up 35% of one's overall credit, it's safe to say late payments are super … [Read more...]