How Long is a Mortgage Pre- Qualification Good for in AZ?

How Long is a Mortgage Pre- Qualification Good for in Arizona? The best thing an Arizona homebuyer looking to purchase their dream home can do is to get pre-qualified for their new home loan well before they set foot into any property.  Doing so (getting pre-qualification early) offers a buyer the following advantages: 1. Gives the buyer a very specific price range that they qualify for 2. Uncovers any potential hidden surprises before the buyer is financially committed (earnest money … [Read more...]

Close Your Arizona Home Loan In Less Than 30 Days

Close Your Arizona Mortgage in Less Than 30 Days With the number of home loan applications increasing due to record low Arizona mortgage interest rates and increasing Phoenix home values, some mortgage companies are having a tough time  processing and closing their loans quickly.  They simply do not have the manpower to efficiently process the loans that are coming "in the door." There are a few important steps an AZ homebuyer can take to make sure their loan closes on time without … [Read more...]

How Is Mortgage Pre- Qualification Like Baking A Cake?

BAKING A CAKE AND ARIZONA MORTGAGE PRE-QUALIFICATION: Every Arizona home buyer that goes through the mortgage process faces a process not dissimilar to baking a cake.  What in the world do I mean you may be thinking?  Let's look at how the home loan Pre- Qualification process works.  A buyer's mortgage company and loan officer are tasked with not only finding the right loan product for the buyer but also for requesting all of the documentation required for full loan approval and submitting the … [Read more...]

Order Your Tax Transcripts in the Beginning of The Arizona Mortgage Process

WHY YOUR LENDER SHOULD ORDER TAX TRANSCRIPTS FIRST We have all heard about a friend or family members mortgage stalling just prior to closing.   There are a number of reasons this can happen.  Quite simply put, 90% of the time (or more) it is a mortgage loan officer's operator error that causes the last-minute drama.  One of the most silent of all mortgage killers is the failure to order IRS/Tax Transcripts for someone using a mortgage to finance the purchase of their Arizona home or to … [Read more...]

Where Does Your Credit Score Come From?

WHERE DOES AN ARIZONA BUYER'S CREDIT SCORE COME FROM - HOW IS IT CALCULATED? It has been said that credit is the 8th wonder of the world.   In some ways it makes sense to categorize credit scoring as a mystery.  For example, why would someones score go down if they pay a credit card off?  Believe it or not, there is a very logical reason behind that!  As your Arizona Mortgage Lender I want to help you understand the mystery we call "your credit score." A credit score (when broken down into … [Read more...]