Pima County Down Payment Assistance

Living in Pima County/Tucson area and wishing you had access to a great down payment assistance program? Your time has come! The Pima-Tucson Homebuyer’s Solution Program is a new down payment assistance program available in Pima County. The Pima-Tucson Homebuyer’s Solution Program is open to all homebuyers that are purchasing a primary residence. The program can be combined with a Conventional (Freddie Mac), FHA, USDA and VA home loan products. How Much Down Payment Assistance Do You … [Read more...]

HOME Plus DPA – 2 Varieties

The HOME Plus Down Payment Assistance Program has been a great tool for those needing some down payment assistance.  When using the Conventional version of the program, there are 2 different varieties available.  One of the versions of this highly utilized down payment assistance program has lowered it's grant amount by 1%. HOME Plus - 2 Conventional Options The HOME Plus Program has several different varieties (FHA, VA, Conventional etc...).  When looking to use the Conventional mortgage … [Read more...]

Stated Income Home Loans Return

Words like "stated income" and phrases like "1 day after short sale" combined with "mortgage product" remind us all of the precursory times that led to a Real Estate debacle which then led to an economic meltdown.   As a mortgage banker that has been through the before, during and after those words stir up similar connotations.  My mind flashes words careless, reckless and irresponsible across my radar. However, the resurgence of these types of words slipping their way back into the mortgage … [Read more...]

Refinance a Mortgage You’re Not on

Did you, or anyone you know have a family member/friend purchase a home for you because you had a short sale, foreclosure or bankruptcy?   There are countless "renters" out there today who did just that.  With the distressed sale market dust settled, those "renters" are now looking to fulfill their end of the deal with their "landlord" - aka "Uncle Bill."  That means, put the house and mortgage into their name and freeing their "Uncle bill" from the situation now that their bankruptcy, … [Read more...]

Self Employed Home Loans Simplified

Self employed borrowers just got a break when it comes to obtaining a Conventional Home Loan.  Over the past 12 + months we have continually seen the world of Conventional Financing ease.  Much of this right sizing has been pioneered by the Fannie Mae side equation of the Conventional marketplace.  Although, the other half known affectionately as Freddie Mac has not been idle in the easement.  The mortgage industry has seen product availability expand and mortgage guidelines simplified. In the … [Read more...]