No Cost FHA VA Streamlines – AZ

THE TRUTH BEHIND A NO COST FHA / VA STREAMLINE REFINANCE "No such thing as a free lunch" definitely applies to this topic.   Homeowners are constantly bombarded with flyers and postcards with promises of a no-cost FHA / VA Streamline Refinance from various Arizona Mortgage Lenders. The goal of these simplified ads is to hook the FHA/VA homeowner with an almost too good to be true sounding offer.  While there is a very effective way to keep FHA/VA homeowners from having to pay the costs … [Read more...]

FHA & VA Streamline After Short Sale or Foreclosure

**Guidelines have changed after this post (new guidelines effective 01/2013).  Please contact me for more information.   CAN YOU QUALIFY FOR A VA OR FHA STREAMLINE REFI AFTER A FORECLOSURE OR SHORT SALE? Short answer - yes (if you meet all fha/va streamline guidelines).  Having a foreclosure or short sale on your credit report typically puts you firmly planted on the sideline with regard to buying a qualifying for a new mortgage.  HOWEVER it does not necessarily eliminate a current … [Read more...]

Arizona Mortgage Refinance – A Summary of Options

ARIZONA MORTGAGE REFINANCE OPTIONS Today's record low Arizona mortgage interest rates have led many Phoenix area homeowners to ask the question "what are my AZ refinance and cash out refinance mortgage options?"   The current refi market offers up some very different answers and scenarios than refi markets have in the past.  Fortunately, the unique circumstances that today's AZ homeowner faces (mainly a lack of equity in their home) can often be dealt with using a handful of the more innovative … [Read more...]

FHA Streamline Refi With a 2nd Mortgage – It Is An Option

FHA STREAMLINE REFINANCE OPTIONS WHEN YOU HAVE A 2nd MORTGAGE FHA homeowners are a fortunate group.  Why?  They have access to an outstanding HUD refinance program that dramatically simplifies the process of lowering their mortgage interest rate and monthly mortgage payment.  The amazing program they have at their disposal is called an "FHA Streamline Refinance."  Streamline refis eliminate the need to verify a homeowner's income and more importantly - no appraisal is required! In this … [Read more...]

Arizona FHA Streamline for Rental Property Too!

ARIZONA FHA STREAMLINE REFINANCES ARE FOR INVESTORS TOO: FHA homeowners know that an FHA streamline refi is the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to refinance their existing FHA mortgage if the goal is to lower their interest rate.  What many don't know is that FHA investors/rental property owners can also use an FHA streamline to cut their interest rate on an FHA rental home as well.  Yes, rental properties that have an FHA loan attached to them may go through the same no appraisal/no income … [Read more...]