HARP Refinance: Previous BK, Foreclosure or Short Sales Do NOT Matter

Fannie Mae Improves HARP Refinance Program Great news regarding Fannie Mae's HARP refinance program!  As of November 17th, it is now easier to refinance using the HARP program if you have a prior foreclosure, bankruptcy or short sale!   Additionally, there are several other helpful upgrades to the HARP program that will make it easier than ever before for eligible borrowers to qualify.   HARP is a refinance program that allows eligible borrowers to refinance if they are upside down or do … [Read more...]

Fine Tuning HARP To Make Sweeter Music For Upside Homeowners

IS HARP STILL A 4 LETTER WORD OR A PROGRAM THAT ACTUALLY HELPS UPSIDE DOWN HOMEOWNERS? Many HARP eligible AZ homeowners and HARP eligible homeowners across the country have ridden the HARP roller coaster of disappointment.   They take the ride up when they hear there is a loan program called HARP that will help them refi no matter how "upside down" they are - YAY!!!  Then, the dreaded ride back down to earth when they realize that many lenders refuse to touch their HARP eligible loan with a 10 … [Read more...]

Arizona Mortgage Refinance – A Summary of Options

ARIZONA MORTGAGE REFINANCE OPTIONS Today's record low Arizona mortgage interest rates have led many Phoenix area homeowners to ask the question "what are my AZ refinance and cash out refinance mortgage options?"   The current refi market offers up some very different answers and scenarios than refi markets have in the past.  Fortunately, the unique circumstances that today's AZ homeowner faces (mainly a lack of equity in their home) can often be dealt with using a handful of the more innovative … [Read more...]

How Does A PIW Help With HARP 2 in Arizona?

WHAT IS A PIW AND HOW CAN IT HELP AN ARIZONA HARP CLIENT? No Phoenix Nascar fans this is not Elmer Fudd's acronym for Phoenix International Waceway. PIW stands for Property Inspection Waiver and this is something every Phoenix Arizona Mortgage Lender loves to see!.  This is something that can give a Phoenix area HARP borrower a HUGE advantage when trying to refinance their HARP or HARP 2 eligible home.  While Fannie and Freddie were supposed to roll out the new and improved HARP 2 eliminating … [Read more...]

HARP 2 – How Does Mortgage Insurance Fit Into The HARP Puzzle for Arizona Homeowners?

Arizona Harp Lender DO YOU HAVE TO PAY MORTGAGE INSURANCE ON AN ARIZONA HARP REFI?  Great Question!  Your Arizona Mortgage Lender is here to help you find the answer!One of the perks that HARP offers to a HARP eligible homeowner in Arizona is that a homeowner can refinance with less than 20% equity and NOT have to pay mortgage insurance.  Typically, when a homeowner has less than 20% equity in their home they are required to pay mortgage insurance.  With HARP's main focus being on helping … [Read more...]