Little Known Secret To Buying 2 Years After A Short Sale

Buying After a Short Sale: MOP 9 - Short Sale Reporting as a Forelosure Are you 2 years or more past a short sale? Are you planning on putting 20% or more down on your new purchase? Has your loan officer told you that your short sale is showing as a foreclosure and you are not qualified for a new loan? If you answered yes to these questions than you are not alone and we may have the answer for you. *IMPORTANT UPDATE TO THIS ISSUE:  Click HERE    There are many differing … [Read more...]

Buying Right After a Short Sale in Arizona – It Can Be Done

BUYING AFTER A SHORT SALE IN ARIZONA It's true, one can typically not qualify for a mortgage loan for a period of years after completing a short sale. However, there are exceptions to that rule and as your Phoenix Arizona Mortgage Lender, I will never leave any stone unturned while searching to find what options my clients have available to them. One of the best stories that I have had the good fortune to be a part of involves an FHA client we recently closed a loan for. This family needed to … [Read more...]

Wait and Hurry Up – The Truth About Buying a Short Sale in Arizona

ARIZONA BUYERS NEED THE RIGHT STRATEGY IF BUYING A SHORT SALE We all know the inaccuracy of the term "Short Sale."  They are in no way "short."  Well, that is not entirely true.  While Arizona buyer's and sellers involved in a short sale may wait for months and months for a short sale to be completed, the time period that a bank that owns a property gives a buyer to close once they approve the short sale may be very very SHORT!  Buyers in this situation need a Phoenix Arizona Mortgage Lender … [Read more...]

Upside Down? You Can Still Buy a New Home

If I told someone I was upside down back in the 90's they would think I was confused, lost or just nutz!  Today, everyone immediately knows that "upside down" means your house is worth less than you owe.  I receive calls on a daily basis from clients wanting to know if the fact that they are upside down on their current home will prohibit them from buying a new home.   They want to take advantage of record low mortgage rates and home prices in the greater Phoenix Area (and across the … [Read more...]

Mortgage Approval After a Short Sale (buying right away)

BUYING AFTER A SHORT SALE "When can I buy after a short sale?"  This is a riddle all too many homeowners are trying to answer today.  In Arizona mortgage balance often exceeds home value putting many in a tough spot.  The majority of loan options available today come custom fit with guidelines that prohibit short sellers from buying right after their short sale.   There are exceptions.  Here is a success story about one of those exceptions. VA financing does not have an official guideline … [Read more...]