2017 FHA Loan Limit Arizona | $279,450

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FHA has followed Conventional loan limit increases as we predicted.  HUD increased FHA Loan limits for 2017 in Maricopa County (and other Counties nationwide).

FHA Loan Limit Maricopa County 2017: $279,450

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As of January 1, 2017 the maximum allowable base loan limit for FHA will be $279,450 (up from $271,050).  This loan amount is before adding the FHA up front mortgage insurance premium.

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Below is a snippet from HUD showing the 2017 maximum FHA loan limits for Maricopa County.  The most common FHA loan amount is the 1 unit loan limit.  In 2017 it will go to $279,450 (from $271,050).  2017 FHA max loan amounts differ based on County.


FHA Loan Limit 2017 Maricopa County

FHA Loan Limit 2017 Maricopa County

This is great news and indicates that the housing market is stabile.  Looking forward to a great 2017 as the housing market continues to improve.

By Jeremy House

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