Arizona VA Loan Limit Increase for 2019

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Arizona VA Loan Limits increased to $484,350 in 2019 for single family 1 unit homes.   The Arizona VA Loan Limit is also the VA Loan Limit in all non high cost Counties across the Country.  2019 VA loan amounts are effective January 1, 2019. 

VA Loan Limit County Search

VA’s 2019 loan limit increase is due to the Federal Housing Finance Agency increasing Conforming Loan Limits for 2019.   VA home loans above the VA limits are available.  Learn more – VA Jumbo Loans.

Arizona VA Loan Limit 2019

CountyStateVA Loan Limit
Apache CountyArizona$484,350
Cochise CountyArizona$484,350
Coconino CountyArizona$484,350
Gila CountyArizona$484,350
Graham CountyArizona$484,350
Greenlee CountyArizona$484,350
La Paz CountyArizona$484,350
Maricopa CountyArizona$484,350
Mohave CountyArizona$484,350
Navajo CountyArizona$484,350
Pima CountyArizona$484,350
Pinal CountyArizona$484,350
Santa Cruz CountyArizona$484,350
Yavapai CountyArizona$484,350
Yuma CountyArizona$484,350

2019 VA Loan Limits for Multi Unit Homes

The most common VA Loan limit referred to is the limit for a 1 unit residential property.   However, higher limits exist for 2, 3 and 4 unit residential properties.   Check out the table for more on multi-unit VA Loan limits as well as special high cost are VA Loan limits.

2019 VA Loan Limits for 1-4 Unit Homes
2019 VA Loan Limits for 1-4 Unit Homes

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VA Loan Limits Not Chosen by VA

Interestingly, VA does not determine the max Arizona VA loan limit.  In fact, VA has no set max loan limit.  However, while VA does not set a maximum loan amount, they do set a maximum loan amount they will insure.

Arizona VA Loan Limits mirror the max “Conforming Loan Limit” set by the Federal Housing Finance Agency dictates what Loan VA will insure.  As a result, VA matches the FHFA’S max loan when determining the VA Loan Limit they will insure.

In addition, Arizona mortgage lenders set their 0% down VA loan limit at the FHFA’s max Conforming Loan Limits as well.   However, VA Loans over and above the Arizona VA Loan Limit are available with a down payment.   Furthermore, were a lender to extend VA loans above FHFA’s max limit would be woefully under insured position.

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By Jeremy House