FHA Streamline Refi Low Rates

Do you have an FHA Loan?

Are you interested in lowering your monthly mortgage payment with a loan that does not require an appraisal and doesn’t care if you are upside down?

Would you like to save money with a loan that requires minimal paperwork and no income verification?

If you answered “YES” an FHA streamline refinance may be the loan for you!  Call our FHA Streamline Team Specialist today at 602.435.2149 or email us through the form on the right of the page.  You will be saving money in no time!

Why choose The HOUSE Team to close your new FHA STREAMLINE REFINANCE?

  1. We offer low FHA mortgage rates
  2. We will close your loan quickly and without surprises
  3. Our dedicated team will personally guide you through the entire process from beginning to end
  4. The HOUSE Team will be a phone call or an email away 7 days a week

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How Do FHA Streamlines Work?

FHA Streamline Refinance

Homeowners that utilized an FHA mortgage to buy their home have a secret refinance weapon in their back pocket.  It is called an FHA Streamline and it can make quite a difference when it comes to a their monthly payment.  An FHA streamline is a refinance program that an existing FHA borrower can utilize to lower their monthly mortgage payment and mortgage interest rate without having to jump through all of the hoops that one has to on a typical mortgage approval.  Here are a few of the benefits of an FHA Streamline refi:

1. No appraisal required
2. No income verification required

HUD/FHA want to allow homeowners that have an existing FHA loan to be able to take advantage of improvements in the mortgage rate market.  The idea behind the simplified FHA Streamline refinance process is that if a borrower has been making their mortgage payments on time they should certainly be able to continue to make their payment if their FHA interest rate was even lower.  As such, they should not be put through the same scrutiny as a buyer trying to obtain a brand new mortgage.  An existing FHA homeowner does need to meet a few basic guidelines in order to qualify for an FHA streamline.  They must:

1. Have made at least 6 payments on their FHA mortgage
2. Not have more than 1 30 day (or more) late mortgage payment in the past 12 months
3. Have a 640 credit score
4. Lower their principal, interest and mortgage insurance payment as a result of the refinance

Documents Needed for an FHA Streamline Refinance

The documentation needed for a streamline refi is just that  –  STREAMLINED!  Your Phoenix area mortgage lender needs a whole lot less paperwork in order to help you close an FHA streamline.  You will most likely only need to provide:

1. Your driver’s license
2. Most recent 2 months bank statements
3. A copy of your “NOTE” from you current loan
4. Signed disclosure package

Of course every case is different and the documenation needed may differ based on your scenario.  If you are interested in finding out how our low FHA streamline refi rates are and how my team can help you please call or email me today!

You can APPLY NOW.  We can help with a streamline refinance in any state.

By Jeremy House



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