The HOUSE Team – Growing Forward

Tonia celebrating her new role

Tonia celebrating her new role

Over the past 15 years The HOUSE Team has been continuously growing.  We always strive to provide the best service to our clients and referral partners.  In June of 2014 we took another giant step forward in enhancing our service, flexibility and turn times.   What did we do?  We pulled the loan processing portion of our team in HOUSE to our team – directly.

Prior to this decision we  had an amazing loan processor, however, she wasn’t an employee of the team.  What’s the challenge with that?  The mortgage industry is a dynamic and demanding one that requires a continuous presence of flexibility and agility.  We needed a TEAM processor fully committed to The HOUSE Team’s level of service and overall vision.  It is a subtle change with substantial benefits.

NOW and EARLY – 2 Keys to Mortgage Success

Oftentimes NOW is the time frame that applies to the mortgage process.  A loan processor is a vital team member as they are the last person involved prior to final loan approval.  For example, a rush loan file with a very short closing date needs to be processed NOW.  A file where a borrower is leaving town for vacation the week that they are closing needs to be processed NOW.   What about a file that an underwriter needs to evaluate prior to giving the client a pre-approval – yep you guessed it – that file also needs to be processed NOW.  With so many variables and entities involved in the home buying process the best time to process a loan and deliver loan documents to title is EARLY.  Being EARLY helps sooth common concerns so  many feel when buying a home.  It also allows the title company to have time to download loan documents and prepare for the buyer’s closing without being under the gun.

Now The House Team has even more to offer our clients and our business partners.  Tonia Rausbeck has taken the position and The HOUSE Team’s loan processing lead.   She has been our pre-processing manager for over 2 years.  Her work quality and customer service skills are second to none.  We are fortunate to have her on The HOUSE Team.  In the first few weeks of taking over the position as processing lead all of her files have been perfect (no underwriting conditions) with the exception of one file that had only 1 condition.

Looking forward to our new and improved strategic team set up allowing us to provide even better service  to everyone that counts on us for their mortgage needs.

By Jeremy

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