Teamwork and Guts

Teamwork equals success

Teamwork equals success

Three years ago I found myself in a world of hurt; quite literally.   Early one Sunday evening at home I experienced the most intense pain of my life.  Moreover, I was home alone with my 3 year old daughter while my wife and son were 20 minutes away visiting with relatives.  I put my daughter to bed and sat down to finish up some important work.  Suddenly, pressure and pain rolled into my gut rapidly.  I knew this was NOT just an ordinary stomach ache.  Finally, my wife arrived and I had her call an ambulance for a “no red lights” ride to the ER.

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The ambulance ride was fast, yet it felt like an eternity to me because of the pain.  Unfortunately, I had been hyperventilating through the pain as the medics tried to find an effective pain medication.  After getting my pain to a managable level I had a CT scan.  The scan revealed a major bowel obstruction in my GI tract as the culprit.  By 1am, the hospital staff contacted the surgeon with my scan results and he came right in to see me.

Without delay, I was prepared for immediate surgery based on the CT findings.  My intestinal obstruction had caused a dangerous infection and gangrene to set in.  Consequently, more than two feet of the infected intestines had to be removed.  Thanks to God, modern medicine, and an amazing surgeon I was going to be okay.  It was particularly hard to fathom that just hours earlier I was completely fine.   Then I was emerging from life-saving surgery.  Immediately the focus quickly shifted to my intense recovery.

Teamwork Makes it Work

There were 2 primary concerns on my mind in particular; my recovery and keeping my business running smoothly.  This required a group of doctors and nurses aiding my physical recovery; while at the same time, my dedicated team working hard at the office.  Above all, these goals were extremely reliant upon stellar teamwork.

The Hospital Team

My recovery began with a group delegated personnel, followed by defined processes and a well developed hospital system.  Notably, this entailed specific tasks carried out by various individuals paired with a precise time-table in their completion.  For me to heal, the hospital team HAD to work together and share the same vision.   Teamwork was the only way for this to happen.  No one person could have performed each task that was necessary to help get me back on my feet.  From my doctors, nurses, techs, nutritionists, housekeeping etc.;  the whole system resulted in the best care possible providing a successful outcome.

The HOUSE Team…Team

At this time we were smack dab in the middle of another record month.  Perfect timing on my part right?   Forcing my team to operate without me for a full business week was not what the doctor ordered.  However, this was one of those times where the only thing I did control was how to adapt to the situation.  Previously I had spent the past 5 months focused on enhancing our team.  We have brought processing in-house, grown our processing team, and we added another 2 key team members.  Additionally, our customized team systems were built to handle situations exactly like this.   Consistancy, dependability, and perserverance is what all business partners and clients deserve and The HOUSE Team does just that.

In conclusion, one of the biggest keys to success is realizing the value of a team and not being a 100% do-it-your-selfer.  The teamwork that went into making that week a success is nothing short of amazing.  I felt blessed and thankful more than ever heading into hat Thanksgiving in 2014.  I am thankful for the people I have around me, my team at work, and that God delivered me into the hands of the people he did.

By Jeremy House


  1. What a scary experience Jeremy. Thank God it all turned out well, and you are healthy once again. Great blog post – you are right about building a team… you have learned at a young age that is important to know you cannot do it all alone. So happy and thankful for your testimony here!!

  2. Jeremy we are so very grateful for your team that surrounded you in the middle of this scary crisis. Boy it sure does take something like this to show us how little control we really have over some situations. It is so wonderful that you can recognize this and give such a great testimony to all the many people that stand by your side and make things happen! You are an amazing man. Thank you for sharing!
    Lynn Goodale~

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