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Home Loan and Communication

The same principle that keeps a marriage strong is the exact same principle that keeps a home loan transaction together.  Communication.  Can a loan bet approved and close without great communication between Loan Officer, client and Real Estate agent?  Absolutely.  Can poor communication bring on stress and cost time and money?  Same answer –  Absolutely!

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Housing is high on Human Needs Scale

Many different variables are at work during the typical 30 day period it takes to buy a home.  Between the documents required to appraisal surprises the opportunity for challenges is plentiful.    In addition, delays and surprises impact both buyers and sellers.

Housing and shelter rank high on Maslow’s pyramid outlining the 5 levels of basic human needs.  According to Maslow shelter and security is the 2nd most important need for a human being.  First on his list is food, air and water.  Whether you agree with Maslow it’s hard to top food, air and water as number one.

However, the fact is housing or shelter is extremely important for humans to feel good and be stable.  How do our cortisol levels and emotional states respond when a basic human need is up on shaky ground?

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This is why communication throughout an Arizona home loan and home purchase is critical.  Whether or not their home purchase is in chaos, no news is bad news for most home-buyers.  Instead, a constant flow of information is key for Arizona home buyers to feel confident.  Knowing everyone involved is dedicated to their home loan closing on time has a very calming impact on a buyer.

Psychology and Mortgages Go Hand in Hand

Any Realtor or lender denying they are in a people business and that emotional intelligence is vital is in the wrong business.  People entrust agents and loan officers with one of the most significant financial decisions they will every make.  With that comes a serious sense of duty and responsibility.  At a base level the job in front of a loan officer is to successfully close the transaction on time and as promised.  However, equally important is the peace and comfort level of every client we serve.  Comfort comes from communication and that is why it is critical during the home loan process.

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By Jeremy House

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