Communication is Key to Getting Keys


When you think of getting pre-qualified for a new home loan, you might not think that the same principle that is the most important in a marriage is the exact same principle that can make or break a mortgage transaction.  Now, can a loan get approved and closed without great communication between Loan Officer, client and Real Estate agent?  Absolutely.   Can it bring on unneeded stress and worry?  Same answer –  Absolutely!

There are many different variables at work at any given time during the typical 30 day close of escrow period.  Between analyzing the documents a borrower provides to surprise appraisal and property related challenges, there is no shortage of data swirling about all of which impacts the most significant of all things at stake – where people will live at the end of the transaction.  On top of that delays, surprises and perceived or real delays can have significant financial impact on both buyer and seller.

Housing is high on Human Needs Scale

Ranking very high on Maslow’s pyramid outlining the 5 levels of basic human needs is housing.  Technically Maslow called layer number 2 a human’s “Security Needs” which includes shelter.  This (according you Maslow)  is the 2nd most important need for a human being according to Maslow.  First on his list was food, air and water.  Whether you agree with Maslow and while it’s hard to top food, air and water the fact is that housing or shelter is right up there on the list of things a human being needs in order to feel good/safe and to be in an all around “okay” state.  How do you think people’s cortisol levels and emotions react when a most basic human need is up in the air (at least in their eyes).

This is why communication throughout an Arizona mortgage and home purchase transaction is so important.  Whether or not their home purchase is up in the air, no news is not good news to most home-buyers.  Instead, a constant flow of information is extremely important to every Arizona home buyer whether it is their first time or not.  Knowing that everyone involved is dedicated to their home loan closing on time without any surprises and understanding where they are in the process has a very calming impact on a buyer – rightfully so.

Psychology and Mortgages Go Hand in Hand

Any Realtor or lender that denies they are in a people business and that their own emotional intelligence needs to be as sharp as any other skill they possess is in the wrong business.  People entrust agents and loan officers with one of the (in most cases “THE”) most significant financial decision they will every be a part of.  With that comes a very serious sense of duty and responsibility.  Yes, of course at a base level the job at hand is to successfully close the transaction on time and as promised relative to terms.  However, in my mind what is equally important to that is the peace and comfort level of every client we serve.  Comfort comes from educating each client and helping them understand what we are doing, when we are doing it and why it is being done.

Choose a pro willing to take the time to communicate effectively from start to and through finish.  It will make all the difference in your home buying experience.

By Jeremy House

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