HARP 2 Makes Inequity Refi Simple

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As you may have heard, the government is overhauling it’s HARP refinance program.  This upgrade will drastically improve the existing HARP (“upside down/no equity refi program”) that may finally allow this program to reach the millions of American and Arizona homeowners that need it.

However, there are 3 key proposed changes that would allow many more Arizona homeowners to take advantages of HARP2:


1. The new proposed HARP 2 refinance eliminates the 125% cap meaning that there is no limit to how “upside down” an Arizona homeowner can be in order to qualify for a HARP  2 refinancevalue doesn’t matter

2. The new proposed HARP 2 refinance seeks to eliminate or reduce the premium a homeowner refinancing under HARP refinance has added to their new interest rate allowing them to take full advantage of today’s historically low mortgage rateslower mortgage rates

3. The new proposed HARP2 refinance program eliminates the need for Arizona mortgage lenders to order new appraisals to determine value when an existing valuation model already exists.  The current HARP refinance program requires a new appraisal be ordered on every HARP refinance transactionno appraisal and no appraisal fee/lower closing costs

Who is eligible for a HARP 2 refinance?

A homeowner’s mortgage must be serviced by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac and must have been sold to either entity prior to May 31, 2009 to be eligible.  APPLY NOW to find out if a HARP 2 refinance will save you money.

Check your HARP 2 eligibility here:
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are set to make an official announcement about the HARP “upgrades” by November 15th.  My advice is to have anyone you know that might be eligible contact me now so that my team and I can make sure your are prepped and ready to move forward the minute the program is officially up and running.  You do not need to go to the lender that currently collects your payment. We can help and with my team on your side you will get the one on one personal service you deserve!

There is no guarantee that these changes will happen.  However, my money is on this program rolling out very soon.  You DO NOT want to get caught in the backlog of loans applications that will be created when everyone tries to close take advantage of this program.

Please forward this email or this LINK to my blog to your family, friends and co-workers so we may help educate them so they may take advantage of this potential upgrade to HARP.  Please email or call me to get started!

By Jeremy House



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