Personal Calls Equal Good Service

Old rotary phone on white background.

Person to person communication methods have rapidly evolved over the past few years.  Today due to texts, tweets and facebook the number of actual 2 way conversations between human beings is dwindling by the day.   We have taken to convenient, quick and to the point one directional methods of sending messages to one another.  I am not against communicating via emails and text messages.  In fact, our Arizona Mortgage team implements many of today’s newest technologies into our daily operations.

Draw the line and pick up the phone

No, however what I am against is not knowing when to say when.  There is a time and place  for technology.  There is also a time and place for a good old fashion phone call in the mortgage business and probably just about everywhere else in life too.  Too often, convenience gets in the way of personal communication, connection and understanding.  People ignore the value of slowing down to make a personal call because of “what else they have to take care of” or “how long a call might take.”   A 2-way person to person interactive conversation can go a long way in helping someone understand something or more importantly in resolving a challenge or conflict.  Hearing someone’s response, understanding their tone and actually interacting can accomplish a goal much faster than a one directional and open to be interpreted email or text message.

Slow Down to Enhance a Customer’s Experience

Time and again, as an Arizona mortgage lender I have witnessed many communication meltdowns that could have been avoided with a simple phone call.  The primary reason in many cases for emailing someone rather than calling them is time or the perceived lack of it.  Emailing is typically seen as a quicker option.  Sometimes it is – many times it is not.  There is a breaking point.  There is a point that attempting to resolve something with multiple emails back and forth becomes much more time-consuming than stopping, slowing down and having a clear and meaningful phone conversation.   Besides, spending a little extra time to improve communication and deliver top-notch customer service is worth a little extra time.

I teach this to my team and have instilled this as a minimum acceptable standard with every one of The HOUSE Team members.  Whether it be regarding our internal conversations with one another, with a title company, a real estate agent or one of our clients we stop at a specific point invest the time and make a call.  There is a measure of clarity and personal care that comes from a phone call that cannot be achieved via email or text.

If people took more time to just pick up the phone it would go a long way in improving the effectiveness of communication and solving problems quicker.  Dial and deliver!

By Jeremy House

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