HARP 2 Loan Eligibility

Both Fannie and Freddie have provided an online tool to allow Arizona's homeowners to check and see if their Phoenix area home and mortgage is eligible for a HARP refinance.  The eligibility websites can be found here: To see if you are eligible for a HARP refinance please look up your address on the following two links: Fannie Mae Lookup Freddie Mac Lookup Arizona Homeowners can jump on these two mortgage sites and plug in some very basic information to see if they are eligible for … [Read more...]

HARP 2 Makes Inequity Refi Simple

As you may have heard, the government is overhauling it's HARP refinance program.  This upgrade will drastically improve the existing HARP (“upside down/no equity refi program”) that may finally allow this program to reach the millions of American and Arizona homeowners that need it. However, there are 3 key proposed changes that would allow many more Arizona homeowners to take advantages of HARP2:   1. The new proposed HARP 2 refinance eliminates the 125% cap meaning that there is … [Read more...]