FHA Pool Requirements in Arizona

When a buyer purchases a property using an FHA mortgage in Arizona or any other state, the property being purchased must meet FHA's minimum property standards which are measured in general by three main standards: 1. Safety 2. Soundness 3. Security When a property has a pool, there are a few additional items that FHA appraisers look for AND require in order for the pool and the property to pass FHA"s minimum property standards test. FHA Pool Requirements An FHA appraiser will still … [Read more...]

Stove Requirements on FHA Loans

Every different loan program has a very specific set of guidelines that a property must meet in order to be eligible for financing.  FHA bases its core property requirements around three basic principles. Does An FHA Mortgage Require That a Property Have a Stove? The answer is NO.  FHA specifically states that a property must have a space for cooking however there is no requirement that states that a property must have a stove present.  If the stove is missing, you will want to make sure … [Read more...]