Mortgage Rates Fall – Should You Refi?

In January of 2015 interest rates plummeted to the 3% range for Conventional, FHA, VA and USDA 30 year fixed loans.  If you are asking yourself “should I refinance” you are in good company.Apply for a Home Loan 602.435.2149 The 1% Rate Drop Refinance Rule of Thumb It's important to determine what is best for you and your family relative to today’s historically low mortgage rates.  Rates remain near all time historical lows and our team is always here to inform you of … [Read more...]

Mortgage Rates Could Get Slippery

Mortgage rates tend to get “interesting” during the end of the year. 2014 will not disappoint.   Many think this is an end of the year phenomenon but I assure you, there is reason this happens.  The 2 primary factors playing into a slippery holiday mortgage environment this holiday season are:New Jobs/Unemployment data – right now (as of Friday) that data is positive showing job growth Thin trading – when we get closer to the actual holiday there is less volume which means markets can … [Read more...]

Mortgage Rates in the 3% Range Soon?

During early May, 2014 home loan rates unexpectedly fell even lower.   In fact, 30 year fixed rates visited the low 4% range.  Surprisingly, shortly before this - 5% mortgage rates were in style.  Regardless, Fed Chair Yellen's tone is "baritone-ishly" low regarding future rate levels.  Ironically,  all signs pointed to a serious increase in rates in May 2013 according to then Fed Chair Bernanke.Apply for a Home Loan 602.435.2149 Lower Mortgage Rates Ahead - the … [Read more...]

Mortgage Rates Laying Low in Arizona

Arizona Mortgage Rates are supposed to be through the roof right now right?  As soon as the Fed pulled out, mortgage rates are supposed to float up like a 3 year olds party balloon stuffed full of helium sadly drifting skyward.   Well if that's the case we are still waiting for the inevitable.  That 3-year-old has let a little slack out but still has a firm grip on the string of her buoyant balloon.  Rates are still at record lows overall to the surprise of many. How long will mortgage rates … [Read more...]

Mortgage Rates Drop in Spite of Fed

Today was the all important FOMC statement release day which simply means the Fed released a statement that summarizes the results of the latest Fed meeting. The big topic that Arizona Mortgage Lenders are tracking relative to the direction of mortgage rates is what the committee (The FED) sees relative to overall economic progress and our nation’s employment situation (new job creation/unemployment rate).  Lenders are also stalking the FED’s actions to see what they do with regard to its … [Read more...]