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Jeremy House and the team at Prime Lending helped me finance for my first home. Who knew buying a home would be so easy! The team at Prime Lending worked hard and countless hours to ensure that everything was on track and on time. They made this process easy and as convenient as they possibly could for me. They would update me on any changes as soon as they got them and Jeremy would give me weekly calls and emails to get into further detail as to where we were in the process. Thank you Jeremy and the team at Prime Lending for making this dream come true!

Estevan C, Queen Creek, AZ (September, 2013)

The HOUSE Team rocks.  We signed the contract on October 8th and closed on the 31st.  How about that service!!  I was professionally walked through the process every step of the way.  The Tuesday and Friday updates are comforting and very helpful.  I personally slowed up the process and yet your team helped to fix the few glitches that did occur.  Pete came to our closing, he allowed us to come to his house to do paperwork, he was there for us.  We have known him for a while but this was our first experience of actually working with him and his team on our project.  He is a good man, a caring human being, and a professional.  You have a great employee that will continue to get better.  I cannot say enough and we will return if needed to do business with Mr. Marthaler.  Again, thanks Pete and your team.

Russ and Shelley H, Gilbert, AZ (September, 2013)

Jeremy House and team are incredible to work with. From there unsurpassed knowledge of their lending products to their second to none communication and spot on timeliness you cannot go wrong with the House Team. Superb service! Highly recommend!

Paul P,  Arizona Real Estate Agent (September, 2013)

Buying a home in 2012/2013 has been an overwhelming, intense, intimidating, difficult process because of the change in the mortgage industry AND the fact that I am buying my first home on my own at age 52!

I had bought and sold numerous homes when I was married, but this is the FIRST since being single.

With the guidance, assistance, care, and help from Jeremy and the House Team, I have made it through to the end and I am NOW the proud owner of a beautiful condo in Scottsdale.

The entire underwriting process has changed dramatically in the last few years since the mortgage industry collapse and getting a mortgage loan is nothing short of a miracle.

After providing hundreds and hundreds of documents to Tonia (who is THE most hardworking, dedicated, caring, happy person!)  for underwriting and finally being approved for the loan was a huge accomplishment.

Unfortunately, even though I was approved, my condo association was not approved for the mortgage loan program. This stopped my mortgage loan dead in its tracks!  And, to top it off, I was on the other side of the world hiking the Franz Glacier in New Zealand!

Sitting in an Internet cafe in Queenstown, New Zealand and “Skyping” with Jeremy for hours, we were able to come up with a solution to my mortgage loan problem.  Keep in mind that Arizona is 20 hours behind New Zealand and Jeremy was on the phone to me in the middle of the night!

After all the ups and downs with this mortgage loan process, the purchase of my home is even “sweeter” because with Jeremy and The House Team’s help, we perservered!

Thank you Jeremy, Tonia, and Alexa!  I am so grateful to you and humbled by the level of care and hard work you provided me. You are truly a gift from God and I am fortunate to have had you working side by side with me through this process.

Therese M, Scottsdale, AZ (January, 2013)

This was not my first experience with a home purchase, but it certainly was my best experience!! Jeremy and the “House” team was more than professional, more than accommodating, and was able to close this home in much less time than I expected.

You all are to be recognized for your sense of urgency and willingness to do anything to help make the experience pleasurable.  You took your time to explain the steps, and walk me through the process.

My hat’s off to “The House Team”.

Bobbi B,  Mesa, AZ (December, 2012)

GREAT JOB  Jeremy and The HOUSE Team at Prime Lending, thank you for taking great care of our clients!  So happy you guys were able to blow the builder lender away with a program that best fits our buyers.

Angie P, Keller Williams – Tempe, AZ (November, 2012)

Words can hardly describe how grateful we are to you and your team–for taking the time to listen, for your diligence and persistence, for your hard work, long hours, and professionalism. As you know, when we finally came to you, we’d been put through the ringer. We’d been through several under-educated mortgage brokers and loan officers who told us in no uncertain terms that what we were trying to accomplish was impossible. After months and months of dead ends and bad news, we were exhausted and bewildered. Several times along the way we thought of giving up, but in the end, this was too important for our family. Finally, in the last place we looked, we found the House Team. Your team was friendly, your processes were efficient and effective–everything was so smooth that as soon as you took over, we felt completely at ease and confident that all the pieces were finally falling into place. You were so forthcoming with information that we stopped getting calls from the Realtors involved because they felt totally in the loop, and you answered all questions any one of us might have had before we even had the chance to ask them. Perhaps most importantly, you treat home buying and all its ramifications to a family with the importance and seriousness it deserves. To us, this was not just a financial transaction.

This process has been a real eye-opener, and as with most of life’s challenges, we’re trying to chalk it up to a learning experience. But finally, here we are, in the house we hope to stay in forever. The only real regret we have is not having found you sooner! It would have saved us a lot of hassle, sleepless nights, and several gray hairs. It goes without saying that if we ever need to buy another home we’ll be calling you, and we’ll send you everyone we know along the way. Please take to heart that we appreciate so much everything you bring to your profession. You really made a difference for us.

Sean and Jessica M, OH (October, 2012)

We would like to thank Jeremy and his team so much for all the help. You made our experience with you an awesome one, and a pleasant one. Everything went so smooth because of you and your team. We will definitely recommend  you and your team.

Terry and Judy B, Queen Creek, AZ (October, 2012)

This is the third time that Peter & I have dealt with The HOUSE Team.  Each occasion has been an extremely positive experience.  The communications are quick, concise and very organized.  They keep you updated on each step of the process. We have recommended them to a number of friends and associates.  The team is a pleasure to work with.

Peter and Nancy H, Gilbert, AZ (September, 2012)

I’m  VERY pleased with the level of knowledge and support from the team, and I would definitely consider prime lending in the future. Given the constraint that I had to deal with (short employment history), I was pleased to know that Jeremy was able to work around this.

  • Jeremy is extremely proficient in his business and knows exactly what is required in terms of supporting documentation, financing options, and the lending industry in general
  • Support provided by Alexa and her availability was excellent
  • Transaction was processed quickly as promised and as described without deviation in terms of required down payment, rates, and closing cost
  • The flow chart provided describing the financing process, and where we are at was a very helpful guide
Ammar A, Gilbert, AZ (August, 2012)

Jeremy, thanks so much for your advice and expertise on this “DU approval 2 years after a Short Sale” issue. I too am a loan officer for an Arizona branch of a national mortgage lender.  My borrower’s short sale was 2 years and two weeks old but DU kept giving us a Refer W/ Caution IV result.  I called Fannie, Experian, and our credit provider and no one could figure out how to get an erroneous MOP code 9 to be removed or corrected in the Experian bureau.  But after reading your blog post about changing credit reports, we obtained the needed DU Approve Eligible findings that we needed to approve the loan.  Our customer lost the house he was intending to buy due to the delay we experienced, but he’s out looking for a new place today.

I commend you for providing this information to the public instead of keeping it under your hat as many loan originators would have done.  I intend to ‘pay it forward’ too.

 Bob V, Chandler Mortgage Company (August, 2012)

My mortgage experience with Jeremy and The HOUSE Team was painless. You’ve been great help. I’m so excited I am saving 300 a month. It’s such a good feeling. Thank you for your help and well be touching base with you soon. Again thank u for such a good experience.

Samantha F, Phoenix, AZ (July, 2012)

Jeremy and his team did a superb job securing a home loan for me! It was not an easy task as I had to short sale my home 2.5 years ago which had a negative impact on my credit. But to their credit, Jeremy and his team were able to successfully navigate through constantly changing credit standards and underwriting obstacles to get me into my new home. During this process Jeremy and his team kept me apprised by effectively communicating to me every step of the way. Thank you House Team, you are awesome at what you do!

Derek C, Phoenix, AZ (July, 2012)

I wanted to thank all of you with the help I’ve received through this entire process. Jeremy kept me constantly updated on the status and answered any questions I had. I never received a “I don’t know, but I’ll find out” answer on anything and he was even available well after close of business with any questions I had. You guys were professional and very knowledgeable till the end.  I will definately refer anyone I know to you who is attempting to re-finance or purchase a home.

Jamie D, Mesa, AZ (July, 2012)

I’m extremely pleased that my agent recommended Jeremy and The House Team to complete my streamline refinance.  I’ve considered doing the streamline in the past but other lenders would either take forever to respond to my questions or never made me feel comfortable about the process.  After just an hour of getting him my information, Jeremy was able to show me how much I would save by refinancing and immediately answered all of my questions.  It was a no brainer for me at that point.  Jeremy and The House Team requested the remaining information they needed and then executed my refinance quickly and efficiently.  I appreciate you guys making it a painless process and will definitely be checking in with The House Team for my future lending needs.

Danny P, Chandler, AZ (July, 2012)

Bob and I want to personally extend our gratitude to the exceptional team that Jeremy has assembled called The HOUSE Team.

They are truly a team that provides personal service in terms of responsiveness, availability and dedication to their customers. Customer service is paramount and The HOUSE Team demonstrates that every day. They assisted us in purchasing our house in Surprise with “no surprises” and extended themselves to ensure that we closed on time despite their heavy work load.

We would highly recommend The HOUSE Team to anyone who is looking for a lending company that truly believes in partnering with their clients.

Bob and Maureen R, Surprise, AZ (July, 2012)

My experience with Primelending, specifically Jeremy House and Alexandria, was exceptional and I would recommend them to anyone.  Starting with the first conversation with Jeremy and throughout closing, I was kept well informed on how the loan was progressing towards the estimated close date.   I appreciated their proactive approach in requesting any anticipated documentation prior to submitting to underwriting in order to ensure a quick approval.  Realistic expectations were set from the start and our close date was as planned.   Thank you for the stress free experience!’

Tracy K, Chandler, AZ (June, 2012)

I came to Jeremy House after my Arizona mortgage loan officer from another company could not get the deal done due to a technicality. Jeremy and team had about 3 weeks to put together a package for a self-employed borrower. Jeremy and his team came highly recommended as “the best” in the business according to my realtor. I had used my previous loan officer numerous times over the last 15+ years and was very comfortable with him and his style. Relying on Jeremy to make this house close on time was not an easy thing to do.  Jeremy and his team pulled it off!

Getting this deal done on time really helped my family be able to do some work on the house prior to having the movers arrive. This “pre work” we were able to do undoubtedly saved us a ton of time. Further, my travel schedule for work only allowed me to move on this particular week. Pushing the close date out a week would have been a real burden on my wife and kids since I would have been out of town for the move.

Jeremy and his team really impressed me. I will refer / recommend as many times as it comes up in the future. I also have made Jeremy my “go to guy” to make it happen when things look tough. Thanks a lot for your efforts. They will pay dividends in the future!

 Greg C, Mesa, AZ (May, 2012)

I am amazed! I contacted Jeremy to help me refinance a mortgage he had originally secured almost 2 and a half years ago. We signed refinance papers on June 26, 2012, very shortly after we completed our application.  At this point in time, most banks and credit unions are struggling to complete refinance requests in 90 days. I even saved an additional .125% compared to current rates with other lenders with Jeremy’s team and PrimeLending. It doesn’t get much better!

Prior to contacting Jeremy I had been trying for over a year to refinance with the bank to which my mortgage had originally been transferred. As the result of a series of errors that resulted from the repeated incompetence of various loan officers in the mortgage department of that bank, I was told I would have to schedule a fourth appraisal and complete a third set of loan applications.  I was so frustrated I almost decided to give up trying to refinance.

I decided to send out the email to Jeremy and heard back immediately. I couldn’t believe it! Jeremy’s list of required documents was clear, concise, and complete. The entire process was so easy and stress-less, if you can imagine that.

I can’t thank you enough. You have no idea how much you have uncomplicated my life. In addition, your sensitivity and genuine concern for Lily while she was recovering from a life threatening medical condition in the middle of this refinance process is deeply appreciated. You are an amazing mortgage team, a true HOUSE Team! Lily sends her thanks, too. She is doing exceptionally well and hopefully will be able to get her hip replaced in late September.

Thank you both so very much again!

Cheryl E and Lily N, Surprise, AZ (June, 2012)

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for the excellent job Jeremy and The House Team did in processing my home loan.  As you know, I have purchased other homes and have not had great experiences with the mortgage lender and the closing part in the past.  What a welcome ray of sunshine you and your team bring to what is typically an extremely stressful process.  Even with the last minute hiccups I created at the end of the process, your office was still able to meet the deadlines with extraordinary professionalism!  I thank you again!! I love my new home and have already shared your name with others.  You and your team are top notch and I appreciated how efficient and organized you were and will recommend you enthusiastically to others.

Cheryl P,  Gilbert, AZ (May , 2012)

Jeremy House and The HOUSE Team was much more efficient in the house buying/mortgage procedure than our former lender.  We appreciated their help and how they were easier to get a hold of in times of questioning.  They helped us close in less than half the other company did.  I wish we would have started the process with them from the beginning!  I would recommend them to other home buyers.

Tyler B and Stevie E, Mesa, AZ (May, 2012)

Jeremy House and The HOUSE Team (especially Alexa) were great to work with.  Their communications were continually up to date, thorough, and clear.  They processed our loan as quickly as humanly possible, made timely appointments, and explained the processes clearly.  We would highly recommend the House team to other borrowers.

Jim and Patty M, Sedona, AZ (May 2012)

Jeremy, you are and your team are EXCEPTIONAL!   Wish we had you on more of our transactions!

 Jolynn G, Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International (May, 20012)

Richard and I wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude for the work you and your staff did on our loan for the property in Youngtown, Arizona.   Your bi-weekly recaps kept us up to date on the process, and your team was always responsive to my Emails and calls.   Buying a home is a stressful process, and since this was a 4plex, it could have been 4 times more stressful.   The process was handled smoothly, and in a very timely manner.  Everyone at your office is very professional, and a pleasure to work with.   We will certainly recommend your company to anybody looking for a loan, and we look forward to working with you, and your team, in the near future on another investment purchase in Arizona.

Gary W and Richard M, Youngsown, AZ (May, 2012)

I just recently purchased a home in the Phoenix area. My realtor Sandi Nilson referred me to Jeremy House to start the loan process. I contacted Jeremy and had a very easy process. We communicated almost daily. I received updates on progress regularly.

I dealt a lot with Alexa (Jeremy’s assistant) and she to was very knowledgeable. I My experience with this professional team was outstanding and would recommend them to any one buying a home in this area.

Lynn F, Phoenix, AZ (May, 2012)

During the recent refinance on my home mortgage, I was fortunate enough to work with Jeremy House as my mortgage loan officer.  I could not have been more impressed with his friendliness, follow through, and attention to detail during the process.  Jeremy was always available to me if I had questions, went out of his way to meet or talk to me at a convenient time or place for my busy schedule, and cheerfully answered any concerns I had as we moved forward.  Jeremy and his team followed up when the loan closed and continues to be available for any assistance or questions I have.  I would recommend Jeremy House at Prime Lending in a heartbeat to anyone looking for a lender to guide them through the purchase or refinancing of their home.  Thanks Jeremy!

Joe F, San Tan Valley, AZ (April, 2012)

The experience has been great with Primelending.  I had only very limited experience with one other lender and that was with my primary bank BofA; and within that limited amount of time, it was very difficult to get in touch with them or to get any type of updates on anything.  The very opposite is true with Jeremy and The HOUSE Team; if anything they go overboard in effort to make sure everyone is on the same page and up to date with what is going on through the process.  Especially with what I am doing by dealing with short sales, reo’s, condo’s, and non-conventional sales, etc… I can’t imagine how much more difficult, if not impossible, it would have been dealing with a lender via the big banks.  I don’t think I could get done half of what was done with Primelending.  Jeremy and The House team was referred to me for these reasons; being able to stay in communication and get things done when they needed to be done, and they have certainly lived up to that reputation-I have already referred a few people over to them as well.  So whether someone is looking for the best rate or best service, I think they will get both with Jeremy and The House Team at Primelending. – Referred by Amy Jones with the Amy Jones Group at Re/Max Infinity

Adam W, Scottsdale, AZ (April, 2012)

We found the House Team to be very competent and easy to deal with when handling our Arizona mortgge refinance.  Responses and communication were always timely and thorough. We also appreciated receiving updates on a regular basis.  We would definitely recommend Jerem and The House Team to others.

John and Jennifer V, Mesa, AZ (April, 2012)

Jeremy and The HOUSE Team continue to impress me!   Thank you so much for your collective efforts!   You guys do ROCK!!!

John W, Smith & Associates – Re/Max (04/2012)

I just want to say that it has been an absolute pleasure working with the entire team. From start to finish of the process, your team has made my home purchase a breeze. I really appreciate the effort and timely responses in answering any questions I had.

Throughout the process, I felt updated and confident that you were working in my behalf. I have worked with other mortgage companies in the past and never received the level of personal service as with the “House Team”.

I would recommend Jeremy and his team’s services to anyone of my associates. You have helped me provide a home for my two children. I am sincerely great full for your courteous support and professionalism in helping me reach my goals.

-Anthony F, Mesa, AZ (04/2012)

Jeremy and Alexa, this would never have closed if it were not for the hard work and perseverance of you and your staff…..I so appreciate you both! I wish all agents worked with such great teams…life would be simpler. 🙂

Thank you so much!

– Jan P, Solutions Real Estate (03/2012)

Jeremy, this was one for the ages, way to pick up this file off the ashes and get this closed in such a short period of time!!

– Rob W, Realty Executives (04/2012)

Thank you very much for everything you have done to make the home buying process so awesome.  I can’t explain how much your professionalism and knowledge about every step of the process really put myself and my wife at ease about securing our new home. The communication during each step, what to expect and when, was exactly what we needed. We had actually started the process with another lender and was feeling uneasy everyday about the process and more specifically about the true status of the loan.  Every day with the other lender I was unsure if we were going to get news/information about another “gotcha” with the loan.  The fact that Prime Lending funds your own loans initially is another huge positive.  This take the middle man out of the equation when working with a “broker” type of company. Jeremy and his whole team were on top of every detail and Jeremy even came to my current residence to pick up loan documents and supporting documentation.  All in all, we couldn’t be happier and couldn’t imagine a better Arizona mortgage experience than what we got with Jeremy and his team at PrimeLending!

I would recommend PrimeLending to ANYONE looking to purchase/refinance a home.

Thank you again Jeremy and The HOUSE Team!

– Doug R, Chandler, AZ (03/2012)

GREAT job in explaining all the details in how the mortgage process works and how to read all the mortgage forms.  Thank you for being so thorough.  It really makes a big difference to a new buyer and even an “experienced” buyer!  That’s why you guys stand out above the rest!  I appreciate all you do!

– Deanna S, Keller Williams East Valley (03/2012)

Thank you, Jeremy!   I really appreciate your help and I think you are one of the very best in the business and certainly a pleasure to work with.  I love seeing your name come across on contracts we handle!

– Christine C, First American Title (03/2012)

I am honored and grateful to have worked with The HOUSE Team. As a first-time home buyer, I did not know what to expect. Your team guided me step by step through the entire process. Everything was well articulated and I never felt lost or unsure. You were thoughtful and responsive to my all questions. Because of your expertise, my experience was flawless. Thank you so much.

Shanee B, Mesa, AZ (2/2012)

Our experience with House team was outstanding! Jeremy, Alexa, and his team were excellent every step of the way with our refinance. They did what they said they would do when they said they would do it. They answered our questions right away, walked us through each step of the process, and had our best interest in mind. There were no surprises and I don’t think the refi could have gone better. I would recommend the House team to anyone looking to do a refinance. In fact I have already referred two people. Thanks House team!

-Scott and Virginia T, Chandler, AZ (2/2012)

My experience with The HOUSE Team was a pleasant one. The follow thru was much appreciated. I would recommend your company to all my friends and colleagues. Thank you again for making this so easy, or as easy as it could be.
-Neil H, Anchorage, AK (2/2012)

The HOUSE Team has been the most incredible company to work with. We knew every single step of the way what was happening with the loan process. They were quick to respond to all our questions, exhibited the highest level of professionalism and yet maintained a true sincerity in all their correspondence with us. They receive our highest recommendation!
-Gary & Robyn B, San Tan Valley, AZ (2/2012)

Just wanted to let you know that I think you and your office are awesome. You are a lender who informs both, listing agent (me) and the buying agent. I really appreciate that. I have worked with a couple of lending institutions and I was not impressed, but I am with you! Thank you. I just wanted you to know, I will send you some of my clients to pre-qual. Looking forward meeting you in the future.
-Michele N, Tempe, AZ (2/2012)

We can’t hardly express how GREAT you all were – from the very beginning in talking with Jeremy, we felt safe and confident in every step of the way with no doubts as each one of you helped us along. We wouldn’t recommend any one else but you all … we are very grateful for all you did to help us help our children. God bless all of you!
-Joe and Ginny E, Queen Creek, AZ (2/2012)

cannot begin to tell you how impressed I am with your work. The time and care you take to make this process understandable to all parties involved is awesome! You set the bar very high for your competitors. Nice work!
-Brandy L. K, Phoenix, AZ (2/2012)

Jeremy House & The House Team staff did a fantastic job on every aspect of the loan process during and closing of our loan on our new house in Prescott Lakes. They were attentive and thorough at every moment during our escrow and had our complete confidence every step of the way.

We are completely satisfied and impressed by Mr. House & his team, and would recommend their services to anyone!
– Jim V, Prescott Lakes, AZ (1/2012)

Our experience with Jeremy and The HOUSE Team at Primelending is the most positive of any mortgage loan we have ever had. The Primelending team kept us informed every step of the way and we found no surprises at the closing.  All of the documentation we needed to provide was defined clearly so that we weren’t constantly revisiting issues. I will share with anyone I know looking for a new home or a move to deal with Jeremy and his team as they are the best in the business.  A special thank you to all of you and know that satisfied customers will keep referring new business to you!
-Bobbie and Jim G, Mesa, AZ (12/2011)

“You exemplify the type of loan officer who could have helped avoid this housing crisis way back when. Keep up the good work.”
-Deborah W, Scottsdale, AZ (12/2011)

Just a few words of praise for the excellent service I got from your company.
Jeremy and his team coached me every step of the way so that I always felt in-the-loop. Jeremy and his team were always available when I had a question. Jeremy and his team aspired confidence in their knowledge and abilities. Thanks for a job well done.
-John W, Gilbert, AZ (12/2011)

“I have been selling real estate for 10 years and I have to say the House Team is second to none. The level of service that Jeremy and his team will provide is truly something remarkable. I will guarantee you that “NOBODY” will work harder for you than Jeremy…and to top it all off, he is a pretty darn good guy too!”
-Trey M, Phoenix, AZ (11/2011)

I would like to personally thank you for all of your help in working through the process of my first home purchase. When I asked about a mortgage team, my realtor Cathy Abramson said, “I only work with the best”. Soon after starting with your team, I realized what she meant. As most new perspective home-buyers know, once the mortgage process is started it is key to be organized and to keep the process efficient and timely. The HOUSE Team didn’t just tell me how the process should work, but actually demonstrated how it works in real time; flawlessly. If I had a question, someone was available to answer it. If a problem came up, it was soon solved.I work in the flight training industry and know what personalized customer service is all about. With all the bad press in the mortgage industry, it was nice to find a team who still believes in putting the customer first.  I would recommend Jeremy House and The HOUSE Team to anyone that is looking for first-class service and personal attention in their home buying process.
-Rex G, Gilbert, AZ (11/2011)

The House Team is truly a better choice when seeking out a mortgage professional. Jeremy has established a successful system that helps ensure all aspects of a new loan are in place on time and as required and truly has a proactive approach to working with our clients. We have worked with several mortgage professionals as Realtors and we’ve even referred our clients to other lenders in the past, but understanding the importance of having a lender that follows through and exceeds our client’s expectations is why we now only refer our clients to Jeremy House. There is nothing more reassuring for us as Realtors and for our clients than not having to worry about the loan and that is what The House Team provides.
– The Patten Team, Keller Williams Realty East Valley (11/2011)

The House Team made the experience of refinancing our home absolutely amazing. They streamlined the process for us so that just 25 days after our first communication with Jeremy, our refinance was finalized and 100% complete. They helped us through the entire process and were always available—working late and on weekends to meet our schedule needs—to answer any and all questions. Jeremy and his team left no detail overlooked and endeavored to make us feel completely comfortable with each and every step of the process. We were beyond impressed with this team’s honesty, integrity, communication, knowledge of the business, diligence and, especially, with our RESULTS!!!
We can tell you that the House Team is a top-notch team with both amazing knowledge and a personal touch to help you navigate through your real estate transaction. On a scale of 1-10, I give Jeremy and his team an 11!!! J We were extremely satisfied with our outcome and we would highly recommend The House Team to anyone!
-Matt and Danielle M, Winchester, CA (10/2011)

After almost 15 years experience as a full time Arizona real estate agent/broker, I can attest to the fact that Jeremy House is without a doubt the finest Loan Officer with whom I’ve ever had the privilege of working. Integrity, loyalty, commitment to excellence and professionalism set Jeremy apart from the rest of the mortgage lending herd. Listing/Seller’s Agents love him too, as he and his team are true professionals when it comes to consistent, first class communications. So whether you’re a home buyer, a Buyer’s Agent or a Listing/Seller’s Agent, trust me when I say that you could not ask for a better mortgage lender than Jeremy House!
– Randy H, Mesa(10/2011)

I want to thank each of every one of you for making this THE most painless and easy house purchase we have ever had! We will most definitely refer anyone purchasing a home to contact you. Thank you all so much!
-Patty and Gale P, Mesa, AZ (10/2011)

You and your team are amazing. I was very impressed with the efficiency and updates. Thanks for doing such a great job!
-Amy M, Realtor Desert Valley Realty Investments & Property Management (10/2011)

Thank you and your team for providing such professional and courteous service. We will highly recommend you and your team to others that are looking to purchase a home!
-Dan and Nancy Y, Gilbert, AZ (10/2011)

Thank you to you and your team for having your systems in order. There is nothing more reassuring than not having to worry about the loan and that is what you and your team provide.
-Jessica M, Realtor Keller Williams Realty East Valley (10/2011)

We wanted to say thank you to everyone for all your hard work and for making this process go as smoothly and painless as possible. We will definitely refer you to others.
-Bob and Sandi G, Phoenix, AZ (10/2011)

It was a very stressful event prior to the opportunity to work with Jeremy and The HOUSE Team at PrimeLending. You all have certainly made the process a lot more tolerable. Thanks so much!
-Russ G, Mesa, AZ (9/2011)

I owe so much to Jeremy and The HOUSE Team. You all have done so much to help me with the purchase of my first home. I have had the best experience in the process thanks to each and every one of you. Words cannot truly express how thrilled I am to have this opportunity. THANK YOU!!
-Rose R, Mesa, AZ (9/2011)

Just so you know you guys are my favorite Lender to work with – Everyone is always so great, so thank you for everything that you do !!!
-Tessa W, Driggs Title Agency (9/2011)

Thank you and your team for helping us through the bumps and the differences of securing property in Arizona compared to Illinois. Your procedure has a calming effect to that which can be unnerving to us the buyer. We will recommend you and your team to anyone and everyone that comes across our path in the future. From us the consumer you folks deserve an AAA+ rating. Thank you again!
-Scott and Carla R, Maricopa, AZ (8/2011)

We were very pleased with how your team handled the financing of the loan. It was completed in a timely fashion and the last minute delays were due primarily to the fact that the sellers were foreign investors who had made several errors in their handling of the situation. The title company seemed somewhat distant in terms of keeping us informed and explaining why there were problems and delays. But your role in the process exceeded our expectations and we would recommend you to anyone and use you again should we ever be foolish enough to move from this wonderful house! Thanks again for your efforts.
-Mike and Carrie S, Sun Lakes, AZ (11/2011)