What To Do When Appraised Value is Low?

It is no secret that the Phoenix area Real Estate market is showing signs of improvement.  2012 has started off with a bang!  With any transitional Real Estate market comes appraisal/valuation challenges.  In fact, stable Real Estate markets come custom fit with appraisal related hurdles from time to time as well.  The most common issue an Arizona buyer faces relative to an appraisal is home value.  Of course, buyers don't complain when their desert dream appraises for more than what the … [Read more...]

Can I Choose My Arizona Appraiser?

I get this question constantly.   Can I pick my appraiser for my Arizona mortgage?  In this day and age of regulated and over regulated mortgages this question has the same chance of being answered with a "yes" as "can I pick what auditor at the IRS looks at my tax returns."  The answer to both questions is an emphatic, stubborn and immovable "NO WAY JOSE." Regulators stripped Phoenix area mortgage lenders from being able to select their own appraiser long long ago.  This is true for FHA, VA, … [Read more...]