FHA Escrow Hold-backs Work

Home-buyers use FHA Escrow Hold-backs to fund appraiser required repairs.  In fact, an FHA Escrow Hold-back often saves an Arizona FHA buyers time, energy and money compared to an FHA 203k loan. What is an FHA Escrow Hold-back? An FHA Escrow Hold-back sets money aside for the purpose of completing property repairs after funding.  The “Hold-back” part refers to the buyer’s FHA mortgage lender keeping funds in their possession post funding.  Those funds are ear marked for specific repairs to be … [Read more...]

How Long FHA Appraisals Stay With a Property

An FHA appraisal is valid for a period of 120 days.  The FHA appraisal validity period begins the day that an FHA appraiser inspects the property.  FHA appraisals must be valid through the date an FHA buyer's loan funds. Apply now for an FHA Home Loan FHA Appraisals Stay With a Property for 120 Days FHA appraisals stay with a property for the entire 120 day appraisal validity period.  In other words, when an FHA buyer has an FHA appraisal completed on a home, that appraisal stays with that … [Read more...]