Buying a Short Sale in Arizona

We all know the inaccuracy of the term "Short Sale."  They are in no way "short."  Well, that is not entirely true.  While Arizona buyer's and sellers involved in a short sale may wait for months for a short sale to be completed, the time that a bank gives a buyer to close once they approve the short sale can be SHORT!  Buyers faced with this situation need a Phoenix Arizona Mortgage Lender that can help them close FAST once their short sale offer has been approved. Typical Arizona Short Sale … [Read more...]

An Arizona FHA Flip – Outdated

Learn more about updated FHA Flip Guidelines One of the most crucial elements of completing an FHA flip purchase is to make sure that all the repairs that both the repairs the FHA appraiser (or appraisers) and the FHA inspector required in their respective reports have been completed prior to the Phoenix area home buyer's close of escrow.  Remember that an FHA flip typically requires 2 appraisals and a HUD home inspection.  Typically at least one if not all three reports will list out at … [Read more...]