2013 | FHA Mortgage Insurance Changes

Please Note FHA has made many subsequent Changes since this Change Please contact the HOUSE Team with questions and up to date FHA regulations Arizona FHA buyer's buckle up, FHA is at it again.  As of January 31, 2013 FHA  executed the mortgage insurance related changes we announced just a few months back.  For those veracious readers, check out the official FHA announcement here.  For the rest like me (who had to spells check "veracious") here is a brief overview. Apply Now for a FHA … [Read more...]

Getting a Gift on an FHA Loan

Many Arizona FHA home buyers have everything they need except for the down payment required to purchase a home.  One of the great features of an FHA mortgage is that Phoenix area buyers are allowed to receive a gift from a family member. If a Arizona FHA home buyer is going to receive a gift for their down payment and/or closing costs, there are a few simple steps that FHA/HUD require every FHA mortgage lender take the borrower through in order for the gift funds to be allowed. FHA Home Loan … [Read more...]