Arizona FHA Streamline Rates Low

The simple answer is most likely YES!   Everyone homeowner's situation is different however for many now is the time.  Today's Arizona FHA mortgage environment is primed to help Phoenix area FHA homeowners make the most of the super simple and efficient FHA streamline refinance program.  Learn more about how a streamline refi can help you and how they work. Low FHA Streamline Rates Make it a Great time to Refi With Arizona's low mortgage rates consistently hovering at or below the 4% mark on a … [Read more...]

FHA Streamline Refi Low Rates

Do you have an FHA Loan? Are you interested in lowering your monthly mortgage payment with a loan that does not require an appraisal and doesn't care if you are upside down? Would you like to save money with a loan that requires minimal paperwork and no income verification? If you answered "YES" an FHA streamline refinance may be the loan for you!  Call our FHA Streamline Team Specialist today at 602.435.2149 or email us through the form on the right of the page.  You will be saving … [Read more...]