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When you think of an Arizona mortgage underwriter you typically think of a warm kind soul right?  Ah, who am I kidding.   Most Phoenix home buyers envision a heartless bitter person sitting behind a desk possibly wearing a horned headdress.  While that may be a bit exaggerated, it is true that underwriters are paid to be objective and a bit too black and white to be considered human.  That fact is what makes this story that much more amazing!

One of my very dear clients who is under contract to purchase an Arizona home had the misfortune of their current home burning to the ground while they were waiting for their new home loan to close.  The fire made local headlines and was on the Phoenix news.  These guys were lucky to make it out of the raging inferno alive.   The smooth plan of closing on their new home and transitioning out of their now burnt to the ground property was all of a sudden thrown out of whack.  After all, our client’s current home burnt down weeks before the scheduled closing date on their new home.

Special Mortgage Treatment for People in Need

As soon as this client’s file was ready for underwriting I made a special request to the head of my mortgage underwriting department and let them know that our clients needed some help.  Our underwriting department answered swiftly by approving the file within just a few short hours after it was submitted.  Typically, underwriting approval takes anywhere from 1 to 3 days.  My focus is always to help my clients and if it were up to me, I would have underwritten the file immediately.  Unfortunately, where the mortgage underwriting hat!  Thankfully, I have an underwriting department by my side that understands the humanity involved in getting a mortgage and realizes that our Phoenix home loan applicants are not just facts, figures and a manilla envelope on their desk.

By Jeremy House
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