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Mortgage Technology
Mortgage Technology

There is a hilarious line in the movie “Wanderlust” that highlights technologies rapid evolution.  A resident of a desolate hippy community rattles off a list popular technology that dominated prior to his seclusion.  I am paraphrasing but it goes a little like this “You and your beepers, Zenith televisions, Nintendo power gloves and fax machines.”   As I traveled back to AZ on I-10 East it was extremely evident that technology has come a long long way … and I love it!

A Mortgage PQF From Wonder Valley, CA

As we rolled past the uber-rural neighborhood of Wonder Valley California a client that has been looking at homes was in need of a pre-qualification letter (PQF) as quickly as possible.  When you look to the left and to right all you see in this sprawling metropolis is, well absolutely nothing!

With the use of an ipad, a “JPEG to PDF” app for the ipad and a hotspot from an iphone the pre-qualification letter was pdf’d and on it’s way via email within a few minutes from receiving the request – while going 80 mph (oh sorry I mean 70 mph :)).  If we were back in the days of our Wanderlust friend I would have had to search for a bank of payphones to answer a beep on my pager and locate a facsimile machine which I am guessing is not the easiest of tasks in Wonder Valley, CA!

Blend of Technology and Humanity

Instead, it was as easy as 1 – 2 – 3 to send off a quick home loan pre-qualification letter (“PQF”).  The buyer was able to move forward with their offer without being slowed by Aol…. Dial …. Up…. Inter…net!!  Of course faster technology begets faster technology.  I expect this will progress year by year until the pre-qualification is sent out based on an Arizona mortgage lender simply thinking about it!   Okay, that is a little scary but for now, bring on the bigger better technology!  The key is to keep any business personal in the midst of all this technological convenience.  There is a way to blend technology while not forgetting the human side of any business.

By Jeremy House

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more, my friend! If only we could get more RE agents to 86 their fax machines and brick phones, and come over to the dark side with us. 😉

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