Down Payment for An Arizona FHA Buyer

In the aftermath of the wild Real Estate and Mortgage ride of the mid 2000's the low down payment mortgage options a Phoenix area home-buyer has  access to have dwindled.  However, shortly after the mid 2000 carnival FHA financing rose in popularity in part due to the fact that an FHA mortgage requires very little money down.  Home-buyers across the state of Arizona (and the nation for that matter) leveraged FHA financing to help them achieve their home buying goals. One of the biggest … [Read more...]

Arizona FHA Streamlines

Check out this updated article. As your Arizona FHA mortgage lender I wanted to share some  great news for FHA borrowers that have been stuck due to rising mortgage insurance costs.  This change will help Arizona FHA homeowners take advantage of record low Arizona Mortgage Rates. Check out these 2 articles and read below: FHA Streamline Refinances … [Read more...]

Cosigner on an Arizona FHA Home Loan

What is an Arizona home-buyer to do when they cannot quite qualify for a home loan on their own?  If they are using FHA financing they have the advantage of adding a cosigner to their loan application in order to help them qualify!  FHA financing is very unique in this regard. They allow a buyer to benefit from the added income and assets of a qualified cosigner. FHA calls a cosigner a "non-occupying co-borrower."  Basically, FHA allows someone who does not occupy the home to be added as a … [Read more...]

Having More Than One Arizona FHA Loan

While Arizona FHA Mortgage guidelines make it so that an individual can typically only have one FHA loan under their name, there are exceptions within the FHA rule book that allow one person to have multiple FHA loans at the same time! Here are the specific loop holes or situations under which FHA will allow a borrower to have more than 1 FHA loan at a time under their name (check it out - you may meet one of these and not even know it - call me your Arizona FHA Mortgage Lender if you … [Read more...]

An Arizona FHA Flip – Outdated

Learn more about updated FHA Flip Guidelines One of the most crucial elements of completing an FHA flip purchase is to make sure that all the repairs that both the repairs the FHA appraiser (or appraisers) and the FHA inspector required in their respective reports have been completed prior to the Phoenix area home buyer's close of escrow.  Remember that an FHA flip typically requires 2 appraisals and a HUD home inspection.  Typically at least one if not all three reports will list out at … [Read more...]