AZ Home Loan Pre-Approval & the PQF

One of the best pieces of advice for new home-buyers is simple.  Complete loan pre-approval prior to their home buying journey.  This way the buyer knows how much they can afford.  In fact, completing Pre-Approval helps Arizona buyers determine their monthly payment, down payment and loan type prior to looking at homes. Home Loan Pre-Approval in Arizona In Arizona, each home buyer must present an Arizona specific pre-qualification letter along with their offer to buy a home.  The PQF shows … [Read more...]

How Long do VA Appraisals Take?

VA home-buyers often feel at a disadvantage due to VA's appraisal process.  Specifically, the length of time it takes to complete an Arizona VA appraisal concerns them.  While VA mortgage appraisals often take longer than their Conventional or FHA counterparts, the difference is minimal. VA Appraisal Turn Time Now Faster VA appraisal turn time should not concern Arizona buyers or a sellers.  Recent VA mortgage changes state VA appraisals must be done as quickly as a Conventional appraisal in … [Read more...]