AZ Home Loan Pre-Approval & the PQF

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One of the best pieces of advice for new home-buyers is simple.  Complete loan pre-approval prior to their home buying journey.  This way the buyer knows how much they can afford.  In fact, completing Pre-Approval helps Arizona buyers determine their monthly payment, down payment and loan type prior to looking at homes.

Home Loan Pre-Approval in Arizona

In Arizona, each home buyer must present an Arizona specific pre-qualification letter along with their offer to buy a home.  The PQF shows the seller the buyers completed pre-approval with a mortgage lender.

Your Arizona PQF

The Arizona Pre-Qualification Form outlines key info about the buyer.   For example:

  1. Mortgage Type
  2. Pre-approved loan amount
  3. Supporting documents lender has reviewed
  4. Home Loan’s basic terms

Every seller wants to know that a mortgage lender has confirmed an Arizona buyer’s income, assets and credit are sufficient to qualify for a home loan.  Providing a Arizona PQF accomplishes just that.  As a result, Arizona home-buyers shop for their dream home with confidence.

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