Contingent Real Estate Offers in Arizona

Arizona home buyers are understandably cautious when make a Contingent offer to purchase a new house.    Why?  All you have to do is take a look at the first decade of the new Century in Arizona Real Estate history.   However, times have changed and Contingent is no long a dirty word in Arizona Real Estate. Apply for a Home Loan 602.435.2149 Are Contingent Real Estate Offers Normal? First, let's look at why this is even a question.  During the housing crisis … [Read more...]

What Do Home Loan Underwriters Do?

Home Loan Underwriters have an important job.  All mortgage processes lead to facing the almighty underwriter.  Oftentimes, clients come to with stories of an underwriter spoiling their home loan experience.  While underwriter issues typically result from loan officer negligence knowing what mortgage underwriters do may help. Apply for a Home Loan 602.435.2149 Home Loan Underwriter's Role In short, underwriters exist to ensure Arizona borrowers meet every mortgage … [Read more...]