What Do Home Loan Underwriters Do?

Home Loan Underwriters have an important job.  All mortgage processes lead to facing the almighty underwriter.  Oftentimes, clients come to with stories of an underwriter spoiling their home loan experience.  While underwriter issues typically result from loan officer negligence knowing what mortgage underwriters do may help. Apply for a Home Loan  Team@JeremyHouse.com 602.435.2149 Home Loan Underwriter's Role In short, underwriters exist to ensure Arizona borrowers meet every mortgage … [Read more...]

Buy Primary Residence When You Already Own One

Are you looking to purchase a new primary residence?  If you already own a primary residence that you are not selling and it is located in the same geographic "marketplace" as the new primary residence you are purchasing there are 2 important steps you will need to take.  In order to obtain mortgage approval for your new home you will need to define your motivation for buying and your intent for your old primary residence.  It is important to note that if you are short selling your current home … [Read more...]