More Than One VA Loan in Arizona

Can a veteran have 2 VA home loans at the same time?  Yes, they can.  Recently, we closed a VA loan for a veteran in Mesa, Arizona.  His name was Tonni.  Tonni owned property in the mid-west that had a VA Mortgage on it.  When he called, he automatically assumed that a 2nd VA loan was not an option.  He thought he had "used up" his VA mortgage benefits. Check Maricopa County & National VA loan limits Veterans Can Have More than 1 VA Home Loan To his surprise, Tonni was eligible for a … [Read more...]

Adjusting Value on VA Appraisals

The valuation challenges continue in the Phoenix area Real Estate market as evidenced by a recent change in how VA allows adjustments to be made to the Arizona VA appraisers estimate of value.  In the past, qualified Mortgage underwriters had the objective freedom and ability to increase a VA appraisers valuation of a property by up to 5% of the value given. While it was a rarely used option, increasing the value an appraiser gives on a Phoenix are home by 5% on a VA appraisal was in fact an … [Read more...]