Mortgage Approval When Relocating to AZ

As an Arizona Mortgage Lender, one of the most common paradoxes I see is with clients that are relocating due to a job transfer or promotion face is the timing of buying a new home and closing on a new Phoenix area FHA, VA or Conventional home loan.  Many Phoenix lenders require that a borrower provide a pay stub showing that they have in fact started their new job.  The transferee is oftentimes forced to show that they have moved and started work.  That is all fine and dandy however there is a … [Read more...]

Down Payment for An Arizona FHA Buyer

In the aftermath of the wild Real Estate and Mortgage ride of the mid 2000's the low down payment mortgage options a Phoenix area home-buyer has  access to have dwindled.  However, shortly after the mid 2000 carnival FHA financing rose in popularity in part due to the fact that an FHA mortgage requires very little money down.  Home-buyers across the state of Arizona (and the nation for that matter) leveraged FHA financing to help them achieve their home buying goals. One of the biggest … [Read more...]