Low Down Pmt Alternative to FHA

When you think of a low down payment home loan chances are an FHA home loan is atop your list.   After FHA mortgage insurance costs climbed over the past decade home-buyers sought refuge!  Thankfully, the market responded with low down payment alternatives to an Arizona FHA home loan. Apply for a Home Loan  Team@JeremyHouse.com 602.435.2149 3% Down Conventional Home Loan Arizona buyers seeking low down payment home loans are no longer cornered into an FHA mortgage.  Qualified home-buyers … [Read more...]

Tax Return Filing for Home Loan Approval

Have you filed your Federal Income taxes yet?  The date an Arizona mortgage applicant files their taxes can be the difference between loan approval and loan denial. Apply for a Home Loan  Team@JeremyHouse.com 602.435.2149 Using Your Higher Tax Return Income For self-employed or commissioned loan applicants enjoying higher income than in recent years, filing your tax return(s) may make all the difference.  In order for your recent higher income to count with your mortgage lender … [Read more...]

Arizona VA Loan – Changing Denial to Approval

Often, VA buyers have trouble with loan approval on an Arizona VA mortgage.  Seasoned loan officers use creative problem solving to turn loan denials into loan approvals.  What to do and how to do it is key.  VA home loan rules are unique.  A few of these rules often trip up certain lenders during pre-approval. Apply for a VA Home Loan Now Team@JeremyHouse.com 602.435.2149 Approving Tough VA Mortgage Loans Before giving up on a VA loan, a loan officer needs to explore 3 key areas. 1. … [Read more...]

What Do Home Loan Underwriters Do?

Home Loan Underwriters have an important job.  All mortgage processes lead to facing the almighty underwriter.  Oftentimes, clients come to with stories of an underwriter spoiling their home loan experience.  While underwriter issues typically result from loan officer negligence knowing what mortgage underwriters do may help. Apply for a Home Loan  Team@JeremyHouse.com 602.435.2149 Home Loan Underwriter's Role In short, underwriters exist to ensure Arizona borrowers meet every mortgage … [Read more...]

Home Loans – Which Credit Score Counts

Everyone knows credit is key and it impacts your Arizona home loan approval.  Your Arizona mortgage lender pulls a tri-merge (all 3 bureaus) credit report for you.  As a result, lenders typically have 3 credit scores for each borrower.  However, what score matters most?     How do lenders decide which of the 3 scores to use? The 3 main credit bureaus are: Equifax TransUnion Experian Credit scores represent what kind of risk you represent to a lender.  Higher credit scores equal … [Read more...]