VA Home Loan Property Rules

VA home loan guidelines for property related requirements are unique.  VA home loans have requirements that a property must meet in order to be eligible for a VA home loan.  VA wants to ensure they are insuring home loans for properties that are safe, sound and secure. Apply for a VA Home Loan today. VA Home Loan Property Guidelines VA outlines property rules in their Lenders Handbook - VA Pamphlet 26-7 (specifically chapter #12).  While I am sure reading all 23 pages of this one … [Read more...]

Low VA Appraised Value Tidewater Initiative Arizona

When an Arizona VA appraiser believes a home's value is below the sales price they are required to notify the Arizona VA mortgage lender providing the VA home loan for the buyer.  This requirement to notify that value is coming in low is based on the "Tidewater Initiative" that was established in 2003. Apply Now for a VA Home Loan The Tidewater Initiative states a VA appraiser must give notice that the value for the property being VA financed is coming in lower than the home's sales … [Read more...]

How Long do VA Appraisals Take?

My Phoenix area VA clients often ask if the fact that they are getting a VA home loan is going present an unwelcome challenge in regard to the length of time it takes to have a Arizona VA appraisal completed.  It is a great question.  As Arizona VA Mortgage Lender I can tell you that the truth is that VA mortgage appraisals typically take just a bit longer than Conventional or FHA appraisals in the Phoenix metro real estate market. However, the longer VA turn time is not something that should … [Read more...]