VA Home Loan Property Rules

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Property requirements are part of all home loan approvals which surprises many borrowers.  Buyer’s tend to focus on the credit side of home loan approval.  However, property condition is equally important.  In order to be eligible for a VA home loan, property must meet specific standards.  Also, VA insuring home loans for safe, sound and secure is important to the VA.

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VA Home Loan Property Rules

While reading the 23 pages of VA’s property requirements sounds fun, it’s a better cure for insomnia.  Condensed down, VA property rules cover the following: 

  • General Space Requirements
  • Mechanical Systems & Roofing
  • Heat/Air Conditioning & Electricity
  • Water Supply/Sanitary Facilities

VA Home Loan Property Rules

While the rules above cover general VA appraisal questions, it is like the Iceberg in the Ocean.  For example, VA’s Minimum Property Requirements website covers:

  • Proposed construction &  Shared facility MPR’s
  • Access related issues & Hazard conditions
  • Fuel pipelines and high voltage electric lines
  • Individual & Community water supply/sewage disposal
  • Mobile homes

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