VA Loan Approval After Short Sale

Getting a VA loan after a short sale IS possible prior to 2 years after completing a short sale.  As an Arizona VA mortgage lender, nothing makes me happier than helping someone obtain mortgage approval and buy a home after they have been turned down multiple times by other home loan lenders and they think there is no hope left.  Well, this week was my kind of week!   We had the opportunity to do just that - approve a client who had run into mortgage hurdle after mortgage hurdle in their quest … [Read more...]

Home Loan Approval After Short Sale

When can I buy after a short sale?  This is a riddle all too many homeowners are trying to answer today.  In Arizona mortgage balance often exceeds home value putting many in a tough spot.  The majority of loan options available today come custom fit with guidelines that prohibit short sellers from buying right after their short sale.   There are exceptions.  Here is a success story about one of those exceptions. VA financing does not have an official guideline for buying after a short sale.  … [Read more...]