VA Loan Approval After Short Sale

Recently, we had the opportunity to help a veteran obtain a VA loan after being turned down by another lender.  These clients contacted and wanted to use their VA mortgage benefits less than 2 years after a short sale.  Previously, another lender turned them down. Apply for a VA Home Loan Now 602.435.2149 VA Home Loan Approval After a Short Sale Success Story The first order of business?  Dig DEEP into the reason behind the short sale.  What exactly caused the short … [Read more...]

Home Loan Approval After Short Sale

When can I buy after a short sale?  This is a riddle all too many homeowners are trying to answer today.  In Arizona mortgage balance often exceeds home value putting many in a tough spot.  The majority of loan options available today come custom fit with guidelines that prohibit short sellers from buying right after their short sale.   There are exceptions.  Here is a success story about one of those exceptions. VA financing does not have an official guideline for buying after a short sale.  … [Read more...]