USDA Eligible Property Arizona

Updated USDA Eligible Property

Updated USDA Eligible Property

USDA has updated its home eligibility matrix.  They issued an “Administrative Notice” or “AN” showing new USDA eligible property areas.

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Finding USDA Eligible Properties

The USDA eligible property grid is an very key part of this home loan program.  A USDA home loan can only be used to finance a home if the home is eligible per USDA.  An area’s population dictated USDA property eligibility.  A USDA home loan provides a special Arizona mortgage option to buyers financing a home in a rural communities.  Most noteworthy, USDA allows for a 0% down payment.

You can see what homes are eligible for USDA home financing here.  Once on this site you will see the USDA eligible home links.  select the “Single Family Housing Guaranteed” link.

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When is New USDA Eligible Home Grid Effective?

Based on AN 4711 the new USDA eligible home grid is in effect on October 1, 2013.  However, as with many USDA home loan changes there is some uncertainty around AN 4711.  Congressional Acts often impact changes due to the fact USDA is government insured.  The actual adoption and effective date of new guidelines such as AN 4711 can change as the mood in DC changes.   As of right now, we need to treat all USDA loans based on this property eligibility change.

Check a property’s USDA eligibility.

By Jeremy House


  1. Randy Hooker says:

    Do you know if USDA has any plans to post a definitive, accurate, user-friendly map? Or are we just supposed to enter individual addresses on their site?


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