VA Streamline Refinance – Simple

Do you have an VA Loan?

Are you interested in lowering your monthly mortgage payment with a loan that does not require an appraisal and doesn’t care if you are upside down?

Would you like to save money with a loan that requires minimal paperwork and no income verification?

If you answered “YES” an VA streamline refinance may be the loan for you!  Call our VA Streamline Team Specialist today at 602.435.2149 or email us through the form on the right of the page.  You will be saving money in no time!

Why choose The HOUSE Team to close your new VA STREAMLINE REFINANCE?

  1. We offer low VA mortgage rates
  2. We will close your loan quickly and without surprises
  3. Our dedicated team will personally guide you through the entire process from beginning to end
  4. The HOUSE Team will be a phone call or an email away 7 days a week

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How Does a VA Streamline Work?

Arizona VA Streamline refi

VA Streamline Refinance

When it comes to refinancing an Phoenix area VA mortgage, Veteran homeowners have access to quite possibly the most efficient and most inexpensiverefinance option available.  VA calls this refinance option an Interest Rate Reduction Loan or “IRRL.”  The option is more commonly known as a VA streamline refinance.

Phoenix area Veterans who already have a VA mortgage on their AZ home can take advantage of this streamlined and simplified refinance option.  In fact Veterans everywhere have access to this outstanding mortgage option.  There are a few key guidelines that an Arizona VA Mortgage Lender will require a veteran/VA borrower to meet:

1. Must have a credit score of at least 620
2. Must not have more than one 30 day late payments on their  current VA mortgage in the past 12 months
3. Must currently have a VA loan on their home

How is a VA Streamline Simpler Than Other Refinance Options?

1. No appraisal is required (depends on who currently services their existing VA loan)
2. No income verification is required
3. Closing costs may be rolled into new VA loan

All in all, an VA streamline refinance takes 2 weeks to complete when working with the right Arizona VA Mortgage Lender.   VA also gives each veteran doing a streamline a discount on the VA funding fee on their new VA loan.  Unless the veteran is exempt from the VA funding fee in which case their new fee is $0,VA only charges a rate of .5% (compared to 2.15% or 3.3% on purchases) for streamline refi funding fees.

Please let me know if you or anyone you know would like to look at how to streamline the VA mortgage they have on their Phoenix area home.  You can always apply for fee online by clicking the link below!  We can also help veterans in any state except for Hawaii with their streamline refinance.

By Jeremy House


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