FHA Pool Requirements in Arizona

When a buyer purchases a property using an FHA mortgage in Arizona or any other state, the property being purchased must meet FHA’s minimum property standards which are measured in general by three main standards:

1. Safety
2. Soundness
3. Security

When a property has a pool, there are a few additional items that FHA appraisers look for AND require in order for the pool and the property to pass FHA”s minimum property standards test.

FHA Pool Requirements

An FHA appraiser will still measure the pool against the Safety, Soundness and Security principles listed above.  In addition, the appraiser will require the the pool is filled with enough water to allow them to test all of the pools systems and equipment.  The FHA appraiser must verify that the pool’s pump can effectively circulate the pools water.

Pool Safety, Soundness and Security

The pool must be “safe.”  Of course each appraiser will interpret each pool slightly differently.  However, an FHA appraiser must make sure that a property’s pool is safe, sound and secure.  For example, even if the pools pump can effectively circulate the pools water, if that water is green that pool will not be considered “safe” and will not pass FHA’s minimum property standards test.

Please contact me if you have any other questions regarding FHA’s pool requirements and/or FHA’s property requirements/minimum property standards please contact me.

By Jeremy House


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