More FHA Mtg Insurance Changes

FHA mortgage insurance has become just like that celebrity that you've watched change from  their first hard to watch performance to their most recent amazing blockbuster hit.  You have  noticed subtle changes in the actor's appearance through the years in each movie.  It is slight  enough to shrug it off to maybe a new haircut and aging. Then your favorite network hosts a back  to back run of the actors best movies.  As you watch the ending credits of the actors first movie roll  into the … [Read more...]

Low Down Pmt Alternative to FHA

FHA has been the mortgage of choice for many Arizona home-buyers largely due to the low down payment requirement FHA offers (3.5% down).  As FHA mortgage insurance costs continue to rise homeowners fear that they are stuck with nowhere to turn.  Well fear not!  There are now low down payment alternatives to an Arizona FHA home loan. As FHA has continued to increase the cost of a home buyer's monthly mortgage insurance and make it impossible for mortgage insurance to be eliminated naturally, … [Read more...]

Down Payment for An Arizona FHA Buyer

In the aftermath of the wild Real Estate and Mortgage ride of the mid 2000's the low down payment mortgage options a Phoenix area home-buyer has  access to have dwindled.  However, shortly after the mid 2000 carnival FHA financing rose in popularity in part due to the fact that an FHA mortgage requires very little money down.  Home-buyers across the state of Arizona (and the nation for that matter) leveraged FHA financing to help them achieve their home buying goals. One of the biggest … [Read more...]

Alternative Credit & FHA Home Loan Approval

  There are basic credit related requirements that each Phoenix area home loan applicant must meet  in order to obtain mortgage approval.  Each different type of home loan comes custom fit with its own set of credit guidelines or "rules".  When applying for an Arizona FHA mortgage, each borrower must typically show their Phoenix Arizona FHA mortgage lender a minimum of 3  trade lines that have reported at least 12 months of activity or payment history.  A trade line is equal to one … [Read more...]