Do Arizona Lenders Care About Termites?

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Reticulitermes flavipes – or as we know them TERMITES!   Not something any Arizona home-buyer wants lurking around their home.  Most home buyers get a termite inspection prior to buying a home.   While buyers care about termites, their mortgage company may not.

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Do Arizona Lenders Require a Termite Inspection? 

The answer depends on the home loan type.  Some loan types require termite inspections while others do not.  In addition, certain loan products require termite inspections only in specific situations.

Arizona VA Home Loan Termite Rules

VA considers Arizona at or above “medium risk” for termites.   As a result, a termite report signed by the veteran is required for VA loans in Arizona.  However, not all states need a termite inspection on a VA home loan.  Can Veterans pay for the Termite Report in your state.  VA’s termite report requirements for different states.

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Arizona FHA Home Loan Termite Rules

Termite reports are not a standard FHA requirement.  However, lenders require proof of termite treatment when the FHA appraiser notes active termite damage in the home on their FHA appraisal.

Arizona Conventional Home Loan Termite Rules

Similar to FHA, a Termite report does not have to be provide to the buyer’s lender.  Phoenix area mortgage lenders only require proof of termite treatment when the appraiser notes active termite damage in the home on their appraisal.

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