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When Arizona calendars flip to May, 100 + degree temps are around the corner.  With Arizona housing heating up as much as the temps in summer homeowners look for the nearest pool.

Finance a New Custom Pool 

Homeowner’s have used Renovation loans for years to improve, fix and update their homes.  Why not do the same thing but instead of home improvements, finance your dream pool!

Even homeowners without enough equity in their home to cover a pool can use a Pool Renovation Home Loan!  In fact, the biggest benefit is just that – you do not need gobs of equity.  Instead, Pool Renovation Home Loans give you credit for future equity to make room to finance the pool.

How Pool Renovation Home Loans work

Pool Renovation Home Loans require appraisers report what they feel your hoe will be worth AFTER your dream pool is complete.   Lenders then use that higher value when determining your loan amount.   This makes room to increase your loan and that increase funds the new pool.

Pool Renovation Homes work on both purchase and refinance transactions.  Another perk is you close on your loan completely first.  Then, after closing pool construction begins.  The lender withholds funds for the pool and methodically distributes them to the contractor(s) as needed.

This is a great tool that hot Arizona home buyer’s can use to beat the heat and build their dream pool as a part of their new home purchase.

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  1. So with this type of loan, we would have to find contractors that are fine with being paid after the work has been completed and I’m assuming looked over?

  2. Hi Melissa. How are you? The contractors are paid as they go. They request draws for funds needed for materials etc through the process. The way they get paid is the same if not better than if you hired them on your own as we give them advance draws. A final draw is distributed after the work is completed and reviewed.

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