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ISR Swim Class Lessons Arizona
ISR Swim Class Lessons Arizona

A few month’s back my wife talked me into building a new pool.  The first thing that crossed my mind  (besides where did the contractor’s come up with those numbers) was pool safety.  As an Arizona mortgage lender this thought often crosses my mind when clients purchase a home with a pool.  How they are going to keep little one’s safe around the pool?

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Of course there are pool gates/fences, alarms, lights and cameras to help increase the safety of your pool.  For me, I played a serious game of “what if” when evaluating how “safe” that type of pool security plan would be.  I kept coming back to the fact that all the gates, locks, lights and alarms were just ways to keep kids from falling into the pool because they could not swim.  All great ideas and we did implement a plan including many of these items.  However, these options fall short of “fool-proof” by a long shot!

Teach Kids to Swim

All the “what if’s” ultimately lead to one conclusion.  The only conclusion that would net my wife and I more hours of sound sleep.  Teach the kids to swim.  If any of my crazy off the wall scenarios played out and one of our mechanical safety measures fell through, relying on our kids ability to be able to swim would be the ultimate safety plan.  The challenge is how the heck do I train a 1.5 year old to swim?  I can’t but ISR Arizona can.

ISR – Infant Swim Resource

My wife researched and researched this plan.  She found a ton of amazing reviews about an awesome infant swimming survival course called ISR.   There is one particular instructor based out of Queen Creek that stood out above the rest.  Her name is Angelee Holt and her website is ISR Swimming Lessons – ISR Arizona.

Angelee has been amazing.  She progressed our kids from level 0 to being able to float and swim.  She even goes as far as to teach kids to learn how to swim in heavy soaked clothing based on the fact that in real life, many kids fall in by accident and are fully dressed.  The course is amazing.  If you have a pool – invest in this class and teach your little ones how to swim

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