Buying After an Arizona Short Sale

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When can I buy after a short sale?  This question is at the top of more current and former homeowner’s lists now than ever before.  Whether it is because they are deciding if they should go through with a short sale or if it is because they have already been through the short sale process and eagerly want to become Phoenix area homeowners once again.

As with most things home loan related, there is no simple answer.  However with some digging there is an almost definitive answer for everyone.  “Almost” definitive because the way in which mortgage lenders interpret “extraordinary circumstances” can alter standard post short sale waiting periods.  We will jump into that later in the article.

Aside from the objective evaluation of what is an extraordinary circumstance the answer to “when can I buy after a short sale” is determined by one or more of the following:

  1. Home loan type
  2. Late payments surrounding short sale
  3. Reason for the short sale

Different Strokes for Different Short Sale Folks

Now, let’s jump into how each different type of home financing views a mortgage applicant who has gone through a short sale and how soon they can get approved for a new loan.


By Jeremy House