Don’t Leave Sticky Note for VA Appraiser

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VA Appraisers Sensitivity to Property Issues

Appraisers determine a home’s market value.  However, appraisers also measure a subject home’s general condition.  VA appraisers often dig deeper than other appraisers based on VA’s property related rules.

One of the most standout VA appraisals had this comment from it’s author:

“While it is not uncommon for these appliances to be included there is a note on the washer stating the lid tends to fall and won’t stay open, so could bruise or cut the person using it.  The appliance may only be left there if it is repaired prior to close of escrow, otherwise it must be removed.”

Objectivity of a VA Appraiser

Among other things, VA appraisers measure the safety of the home.  However, opinion enters in due to the fact that VA appraisers measure the home’s safety based on their view of VA’s appraisal rules.

The appraiser viewed the washer and dryer as man-eating machines (thanks to a yellow sticky note).  However, the buyer’s agent would have (should have) noticed deadly washer and dryers.  The point here is not to berate the VA appraiser.  In fact the appraiser may be 100% right.  Maybe these appliances violate safety.  However, this shows how appraiser’s views impact their appraisal.

VA appraisers require that safety issues be corrected.  The fix here was simple.  Drag the old washer and dryer out of the home.  After-all, they add no value to the home.  However, removing them makes the appraiser feel the house is safe.

By Jeremy House

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