How to Have Multiple VA Home Loans

Multiple VA Loans – Phoenix

Many veterans do not know that they are allowed to have multiple VA loans under their name at one time.   Unlike FHA financing where a borrower may only have one FHA loan (unless they meets FHA exceptions), a veterans may have multiple VA loans at the same time.   Having  more than one VA home loan is determined based on a veterans VA eligibility and remaining VA entitlement.

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For example, if a Phoenix area veteran owns a home financed with a VA home loan and they want to buy a new larger home – they may still use their VA mortgage benefits to obtain another VA loan to purchase their next property.  The veteran must either have sufficient basic entitlement left OR they must utilize something called “bonus entitlement.”  Learn more about having multiple VA home loans.

For more information about how basic and bonus entitlement work or anything else related to VA financing contact me directly.

You can also visit VA’s official website for more information.

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By Jeremy House


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