VA Bonus Entitlement Helps Veteran

Arizona Veterans that no longer have access to what is known as "Basic Entitlement" to finance a home using a VA loan have the benefit of tapping something called "Bonus Entitlement" in order to help them purchase a home using a VA mortgage.   Bonus Entitlement is used when a Veteran does not have Basic Entitlement due to: 1. Already having a VA loan in their name 2. Completing a short sale on a VA loan previously 3. Foreclosing on a VA loan previously Max VA Loan Amount Using Bonus … [Read more...]

VA Home Loan – Your Eligibility COE

One of the most important and first steps an Arizona veteran home buyer must take is to confirm that they are in fact eligible for a VA home loan.   In short, a veteran's VA mortgage eligibility is documented on a from the VA calls a "Certificate Of Eligibility" or "COE" for short.   The COE can be ordered by the veteran themselves OR by their Arizona Mortgage Lender. Who is Eligible for a VA Mortgage? There are 4 main categories of VA Eligible borrowers: Veterans Active duty … [Read more...]

VA Home Loan Property Rules

VA home loan guidelines for property related requirements are unique.  VA home loans have requirements that a property must meet in order to be eligible for a VA home loan.  VA wants to ensure they are insuring home loans for properties that are safe, sound and secure. Apply for a VA Home Loan today. VA Home Loan Property Guidelines VA outlines property rules in their Lenders Handbook - VA Pamphlet 26-7 (specifically chapter #12).  While I am sure reading all 23 pages of this one … [Read more...]

VA Deployed Vets Moving Into Home

When an Arizonan purchases a new primary residence the mortgage gods typically require that the proud new homeowner occupy it within 60 days from the day they closed in order for the home and the mortgage used to finance it to be categorized as a primary residence.  Check this out for more information on how soon a buyer needs to occupy their new home and why: Occupancy Rules.  VA mortgage rules do not require all veterans to move in immediately. However, what if the Phoenix area buyer is a … [Read more...]

VA Home Loan for Vets with Bad Credit

Great news!  Arizona Mortgage Loan Officers now offer VA home loans for eligible Phoenix area VA borrowers with a low Credit score!  Standard VA loan guidelines apply. As your Phoenix are VA Mortgage Lender my team will underwrite, process, fund and close ALL our VA loans in house and can close them quickly (in as little as 2 weeks if there are no appraisal delays). Learn more about how your credit score is determined Find out how to correct errors on your credit report Learn more … [Read more...]