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VA Jumbo Home Loan Phoenix

VA Jumbo home loans are perhaps the best kept secret in home loans!   While standard VA Home Loan amounts stop at a County’s maximum conforming loan amount limit, VA Jumbo home loans go much higher.

Arizona VA JUMBO Home Loan 

Veteran’s seeking financing above their County’s maximum conforming loan have access to a VA Jumbo Home Loan.  In fact, VA Jumbo Loans commonly offer lower down payments and interest rates compared to other Jumbo Home Loan options.

The difference between Standard VA Home Loans and a VA Jumbo Home Loan is down payment.  While Standard VA Loans have a 0% down payment requirement, VA Jumbo Home Loans require a down payment.  However, the down payment required is minimal.

After VA borrowers surpass their County’s maximum loan limit with a VA loan, VA requires a down payment equal to 25% of the difference between their purchase price and the County’s maximum loan limit.  For example:

  • Joe Veteran buys a $600,000 Arizona
  • Joe Veteran uses a VA Jumbo Home Loan to finance
  • Assume max Conforming Loan Limit is $453,100 (2018 Maricopa County Limit)

Step 1
$600,000 price – $453,100 max conforming loan = $146,900

Step 2
$146,900 x 25% VA Jumbo down payment factor = $36,725 VA Jumbo down payment required

In other words, Joe Veteran must put $36,725 down on a $600,000 purchase using a VA Jumbo Loan.  However, the best part – $36,725 equals just 6.1% of the purchase price.  Joe would be hard pressed to find another Jumbo Home Loan option requiring just 6.1% down.  In addition, his VA Jumbo Home Loan rate is likely lower than the rate on a comparable loan.

What Can a VA Jumbo Loan be Used for?

A VA Jumbo mortgage can be used for:

  1. Purchase
  2. Rate and Term Refinance
  3. Cash Out Refinance

Bottom line, veterans have access to great mortgage options even when it comes to Jumbo Home Loans.

By Jeremy House



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