VA Streamline – How to Apply?

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A VA streamline refinance (VA IRRL) gives Veterans an efficient and inexpensive refinance option for their current AZ VA home loan.  Applying for a VA streamline refinance is simple too! 

Applying for a VA Streamline Refi

  1. Complete loan application
  2. Submit the following to lender:
    1. Most recent 2 year’s W2’s
    2. Copies of driver’s license
    3. DD214 form
    4. Note for subject property’s current VA loan
    5. Settlement Statement from subject property’s previous loan
    6. Most recent 2 months bank statements
    7. Name and phone number for hazard insurance provider
  3. Complete file submitted to VA lender‘s underwriting department

Thankfully, VA streamline refinances are simple.  In fact, streamlines involve fewer steps compared to applying for a purchase or even full refinance home loan.  In fact, typically an appraisal is required.  Additionally, a veteran’s income is not verified in most cases.

Once approved, loan documents are sent to a title company for closing.  Primary residence refinances have a 3 day wait period before the loan funds.  In other words, 3 days must pass after the veteran signs before the loan can close/fund (Sundays and Holidays do not count).

Completing an AZ VA Streamline is simple!

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