VA Appraisal Turn-time & Mondays

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VA Appraisal Process
VA Appraisal Process

A VA home loan is one of the best mortgage products available today.  The VA appraisal process however is not quite as amazing.  Using a VA home loan requires strategic appraisal planning to ensure an on time closing.  Your VA loan officer should quarterback the game plan from day one.  Otherwise, miscalculating the VA appraisal process will create closing delays.

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In order to set the stage, it is important to understand that the VA appraisal process is complex. More-so compared to the appraisal process for a Conventional, FHA or USDA home loan.  From the VA appraiser assignment, tidewater initiative, allotted turn-times to only assigning appraisals on Mondays – the VA appraisal process is in a class by itself.  That is what this post is all about.

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VA Appraisals – Monday Appraiser Assignments

Unlike most home loan types, the VA maintains control of appraiser assignment.  The originating VA lender has no role in VA appraiser assignment.  Compounding the fact that VA keeps the power of appraiser assignment to themselves, they also only assign a VA appraiser on day the initial order is submitted by the originating lender OR the following Monday.

For example, if a VA appraisal is ordered by Mortgage Company A on Wednesday the VA will try to assign a VA appraiser that same Wednesday.  If for any reason the VA is unsuccessful in assigning an appraiser that day they may not try to assign an appraiser until the following Monday.

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How Long VA Appraisals Take

VA appraisers have 7 business days to complete an appraisal (in Arizona).  The clock starts the day the VA appraiser receives the appraisal assignment from the VA – not when the lender submits a VA appraisal order.  Any delays getting a VA appraiser assigned on the initial order date can add costly days to the already lengthy 7 business day turn time VA appraiser already has.

Your Arizona VA mortgage lending team should help educate everyone involved up front to avoid time/delivery delays related to the VA appraisal.

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  1. I have no idea when the VA appraiser received the appraisal order but he did the appraisal on a Saturday. It is now day 12.since he did the appraisal (4weekend days and 8 business days). What’s going on? Lender (not you) doesn’t seem to have a clue. We live in AZ.

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